ISTOBAL’s turnover increased by 19% in 2015

By 3 February, 2016NEWS

ISTOBAL‘s turnover increased by 19% in 2015 versus 2014, with a total revenue of 117 million Euros, it has also managed to considerably raise its EBIDTA figure, from 7.4 million Euros in 2014 to 12 millions in 2015.

The Spanish, Brazilian and American subsidiaries reached the greatest growth levels in 2015, 30% in Spain and 20% in Brazil and the US, compared to 2014, as a result of a relevant increase in car-wash equipment sales.

France and Turkey were the main export markets of the Valencian Group. In fact, Turkey together with Slovakia had the highest sales rise. Sales increased in Turkey by 35% thanks to marketing efforts in the area of rollovers and chemical products. In the Slovakian case, sales tripled after winning the tender with MOL, the Hungarian Oil Company.

The chemical product range saw the greatest growth, 40% if compared to 2014 levels.  A relevant sales rise was also achieved with rollovers, payment terminals, and accessories. In fact, thanks to the contract with MRH Limited, Istobal’s accessory line has positioned the Company as a car-wash accessory leader in the UK.

The forecast for 2016 envisages a turnover increase of about 10%. The Company’s expansion plan will focus on strengthening their presence in existing markets and opening new ones in countries with a huge potential like Australia and China.