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Istobal wins MRH Accessory Tender in UK

By 23 December, 2015NEWS

ISTOBAL has become a leading supplier of car wash accessories in the UK after winning the MALTHURST (MRH) tender. Our subsidiary in the United Kingdom, ISTOBAL UK Ltd., is the exclusive winner of a public tender with the largest independent petrol retailer in the country, which will earn the company more than €800,000 in an eight-month operation, just for this product range.

In the first phase, the contract involves supplying and servicing 630 DTail-range accessories, and there are prospects for an extension with 1,200 units over the coming five years. The units include pieces of equipment such as the digital tyre gauge and pump (air, air-water, air-windscreen fluid), vacuum cleaners or fragrance sprayers, to be installed in the country’s main petrol stations in the short term.

MRH owns more than 370 sites in the UK, most of which are branded ESSO, BP, TEXACO, JET and TORQ. Last year, MRH signed a three-year supply and maintenance agreement with ISTOBAL UK Ltd. for model M’START rollovers.

The British subsidiary has also won tenders with large UK accounts such as MFG (Motor Fuel Group) for a three-year service agreement for car-wash, jet wash and vac, with Morrisons supermarket chain for the M’START rollover, and with Arriva for the supply and maintenance  of HeavyWash units for commercial vehicles.


The United Kingdom is currently Istobal’s third export market, after France and Austria, accounting for 6% of the group’s turnover.

Over the past four years, ISTOBAL’s turnover in Britain has grown by 50%, invoicing more than €8,000,000 in 2014. The forecast for 2015 is to surpass that figure with an additional half a million.