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ISTOBAL presents Smartwash at The Forecourt Show 2019, a pioneering new technological concept for digitalizing car wash facilities

By 8 April, 2019NEWS

ISTOBAL presents Smartwash at The Forecourt Show 2019: introducing a pioneering new technology for the wash installations currently redefining the car wash and car care sector with smart systems. Fully connected and based on IoT and Big Data, this new generation of high-tech wash facilities is designed to increase profitability and improve the user experience.

The Spanish group, which specialises in wash and care solutions for all kinds of vehicles, will be showcasing its new wash site concept at stand T121. By connecting all the wash equipment (rollovers, tunnels, jet wash and vacuum areas), the new solution improves the process and enables the installation to be managed digitally with systems that integrate and analyse the information. The system displays all the relevant figures and information about the condition of the site and user behaviour via a control panel, which can be accessed online and in real time on any device. The device helps to increase and monitor the profitability of the car wash facility.

Digitalisation ensures optimum performance by reducing wait times between washes and offering personalised promotions for consumers to boost loyalty. These are just a few of the many advantages of this revolutionary technology, one of the recent winners at the Motortec Automechanika 2019 Innovation Gallery Awards.

According to Sarp Dengizman, CEO of ISTOBAL UK, “Smartwash is a new generation of wash facilities based on connectivity and knowledge about users, delivering a fast, high-quality service that maximises profitability and provides a unique digital experience for customers.  We are already pioneering the use of this technology here at ISTOBAL as part of a real revolution in the car wash sector.”

The CEO of ISTOBAL UK has also stressed the importance of this technology in terms of managing and controlling several installations on one digital platform, highlighting its capacity for integration into third-party apps via an API interface and the huge volumes of Big Data it provides, allowing customers to make better decisions and increase the profitability of their business.

Thanks to Smartwash by ISTOBAL, managers of car wash facilities can view detailed financial reports about the number of washes, billing for services, programs and type of users, and other statistical information. The technology can also be used to manage loyalty schemes, with various other benefits including the option to generate personalised offers or promotions and evaluate the impact of campaigns.

Already a pioneer in the UK – a faster, more convenient experience without getting out of the car

Smartwash by ISTOBAL is available on an app for Android and iOS, offering a faster, easier, more convenient and more intuitive experience for customers – without the need to get out of the car. As well as making it easier to find these installations, the ISTOBAL App also lets customers pay for different wash services and activate the machines without having to get out of the car. For added peace of mind, customers can also use the app or press the horn for three seconds to stop the equipment in case of emergency.

Smartwash by ISTOBAL is already a technological pioneer in the UK. It is located  in the recently commissioned flagship site Frontier Park multi-service station of Euro Garages in Blackburn. EG Group has made a significant commitment to delivering a modern consumer retail offer which exceeds expectations and creates a true ‘one stop’ retail destination to satisfy multiple consumer missions. For this reason, the new car wash area based on this Smartwash concept has three wash areas equipped with the latest technology and a wide range of accessories that turn car care into a comfortable and fun experience.

ISTOBAL is planning to expand this new technology at international level over the course of this year. Additionally, the company will soon be introducing a smart management module for fleets of vehicles, aimed at companies specialising in car rentals, rideshares, VTC (chauffeur-driven cars), buses or trucks.

Video about Smartwash by ISTOBAL: