ISTOBAL Professorship

ISTOBAL and the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) have created the ISTOBAL Professorship to contribute to the training of future professionals, enhance research in the engineering sector, and promote R&D projects. The ISTOBAL Professorship is committed to supporting talent and innovation at the UPV and therfore, it offers scholarships, design contests, training courses, and technical dissemination seminars to the university community.

The ISTOBAL Professorship aims to promote training and dissemination activities for UPV students in the field of engineering with a focus on the professional world, to design training courses complementary to statutory education, and to give fellowships and awards to the best-performing students and the best projects.

Ascribed to the School of Design Engineering, the ISTOBAL Professorship is led by Prof. Julián Salt Llobregat, from the Department of Systems and Automation Engineering.


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ISTOBAL Professorship

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