ISTOBAL partnerships

Supporting young people’s talent, innovation and internationalisation

Committed to developing young people’s talent, innovation and internationalisation, ISTOBAL takes part in a number of university and sports initiatives as well as in prestigious programmes.

In collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV),  the ISTOBAL Professorship is intended to promote training, dissemination and research in the engineering field. The company also sponsors the Hyperloop UPV team, made up of students from the UPV participating in the international competition promoted by Elon Musk to build the train of the future.

COTIF Promesas ISTOBAL is another partnership example. In this case the company sponsors an international football tournament. Organised for the past 30 years, COTIF Championship is held in L’Alcúdia (Valencia, Spain) and has become a  national and international reference with young footballers.

And we are also partners in the business transformation programme Cre100do, which fosters innovation, competitiveness and internationalisation in Spanish companies.

Our partnerships:

ISTOBAL Professorship

Hyperloop UPV