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ISTOBAL launches its new M’NEX32 rollover at Automechanika

By 1 September, 2016NEWS

ISTOBAL will launch in Frankfurt’s Automechanika its new high-end range rollover, the M’NEX32, which combines a series of technological upgrades and innovations intended to enhance the user’s carwash experience.

From 13 to 17 September, ISTOBAL will present at the Carwash City area (F10.0, Stand E05) a number of technological innovations for the sector.

The new M’NEX32 rollover incorporates the latest developments by ISTOBAL, including more features and innovative optional extras with a renewed image and a more contemporary design.

The rollover offers greater quality and efficiency in washing thanks to innovations such as the the new wheelwash brush developed by ISTOBAL, reaching inaccessible rim areas, and the new brush tilting system on the back of the vehicle to ensure a thorough clean.

Other outstanding M’NEX32 features include a foam waterfall –Infinite Mousse Arch-, new centring guides with LED lighting, and the new esens® chemical product dosing system, which injects supercontrated product directly into the circuit at low but very accurate amounts. This new system generates less waste, and product storage is reduced.

ISTOBAL will also present at the exhibition its new Kiosk for a centralised sale of carwash programs. Instead of going to the machine or to the service station counter to buy a ticket, this terminal allows users to buy the desired carwash program or even pre-paid multi-washes using a proximity card or a code card.

At the n’joy experience area, the Spanish company will present a different and pleasant carwash experience with music, fragrances and special lighting.

Patented by ISTOBAL, a new boom arm system for high-pressure jet washes will also be presented. It includes different carwash elements (high-pressure guns, brushes, etc.) ensuring much easier movement.

The main new features of the D’tail accessory range include a system to centralise takings from all carwash equipment in the facility at a single, more secure point, as well as new fully-customizable marquees consisting of light structures that make the most of space for the installation of machinery and accessories.

In the commercial vehicle area, the new drive-through high-pressure model HeavyWash Rotators will be presented. This model is suitable for special vehicles that cannot be washed with brushes, such as rubbish trucks, or as an optional prewash for rollovers with brushes. In this case the washing process uses motorised rotators (sprayers with 4 nozzles) with a constant spinning speed that ensures an optimum outcome.