ISTOBAL Handelsgesellschaft celebrates its 10th anniversary

By 7 October, 2016NEWS

Our ISTOBAL Handelsges. m.b.H subsidiary has good reasons to celebrate. Today, the Austrian subsidiary, the second one created in Europe under the internationalisation plan launched by  the company in 2004, celebrates its tenth anniversary.

ISTOBAL Handelsgesellschaft was set up in 2006 to consolidate a market in which ISTOBAL’s brand had become positioned through its dealer System Waschtechnik, marketing ISTOBAL products in the country for more than 20 years. A total of 37 employees currently work in the subsidiary, which last year had a 11.8% increase in turnover over the previous year.

ISTOBAL’s CEO Rafael Tomás will join the 10th anniversary celebrations , bringing together almost all the staff in a festive day with team competitions, an awards ceremony, typical Styrian food, and wine tasting.