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ISTOBAL attends The Commercial Vehicle Show for the first time to present its pioneering wash systems

By 30 April, 2019NEWS

ISTOBAL participates in The Commercial Vehicle Show for the first time via its UK subsidiary to present its pioneering commercial vehicle wash systems.

At stand 4C80, the multinational company presents its wide portfolio of solutions for commercial vehicles -Europe’s most comprehensive range- including ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH, Europe’s first standardized automatic equipment for cleaning and disinfecting the interior of trucks. Intended to handle all fleet types in a digital way, remotely and on any device, Smartwash for fleets also features highly at the Show.

Internationally patented and easy to use and install, ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH guarantees a professional interior wash and a controlled and effective disinfection of refrigerated trailers, shipping containers and truck trailers.  This innovative system applies bactericide chemicals as part of a high-pressure wash process, washing the dirt out and collecting it on a hopper.

ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH meets all the requirements for chemical concentration, quantities and reaction times for each transport fleet, thoroughly washing up to 16-metre long vehicles. The system so becomes an industrial alternative to manual wash.  Compared to manual methods, ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH is a safer and more efficient solution, as it reduces average wash times by 60% and facilitates control over chemical products.

According to ISTOBAL, when a vehicle is manually washed, disinfection depends on how rigorously the chemical disinfectant is applied, and the average cleaning time for a trailer is 15 to 20 minutes. ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH ensures effective results with just a 5-minute standard program.

Developed by ISTOBAL’s subsidiary in the US, this pioneering machine will be available in the European market as from the second term in 2019.


Smartwash for fleets

During The Commercial Vehicle Show, ISTOBAL also presents Smartwash for fleets, the platform that manages fleet washing for rented cars, shared transport, vehicles for hire, buses and trucks in a smart digital way from any device.

This new fleet wash concept is based on connectivity, speed and quality through highly technological, 100% connected facilities. Smartwash for fleets automates the fleet wash process providing greater control, as it gives access to real time data such as wash frequencies, programs used, drivers…

Its many advantages include automatic vehicle identification and the allocation of wash frequencies and program types.  Likewise, the possibility of misinterpretation by drivers or the person in charge of the facility when choosing a program is eliminated.

The control panel of Smartwash for fleets collects all data concerning facility use and equipment status, and displays them is a visual and user-friendly way, facilitating the production of reports and statistics for better fleet control. The system can also contribute to higher profitability levels when facilities are run by third parties with this digital management service.

Video Smartwash for fleets

At The Commercial Vehicle Show, ISTOBAL also presents other commercial vehicle wash solutions -Europe’s most comprehensive range- developed to high innovation, quality and reliability standards.

With more than 35 years of experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of vehicle wash solutions for commercial fleets, ISTOBAL offers flexible wash equipment that meets vehicle care and vehicle maintenance needs for all fleet types, guaranteeing efficiency and quick turnaround times.