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Car care guide for novice drivers

By 28 June, 20164CARLOVERS
Car-care-guide istobal

If you have just started driving and you still have doubts about car care, ISTOBAL offers you a guide to help you keep your car in good condition:

  • The paint: To keep the paint of your car as brand new, follow a few easy tips: keep it in the shade when long-term parked, avoid parking under trees (bird droppings) and wash it once every four or six weeks, depending on use.
  • The oil: If the oil level light goes on, fill up immediately. It means it is well below the minimum level. If you drive with a very low oil level, you can seriously damage the engine due to the lack of lubricantion. The level should be checked once a month and always before a long journey.
  • The timing belt: The timing belt must be replaced as specified by the manufacturer. Observing the maintenance schedule helps prevent breakdowns that can damage the engine.
  • Tire pressure is essential: If we drive with a pressure under recommended values, tires can overheat and cause deformation, which can be dangerous on the road. A monthly check or checking before travelling is a good solution, prevention-wise.
  • Rusty areas: This should not happen in today’s cars because corrosion protection comes standard, but older car models may have corrosion issues. To avoid them, grease or wax treatments can be applied.
  • Rubber seals: They must be checked, and unsuitable detergents that can damage rubber parts should be avoided. Environmental conditions and external factors can also contribute to wear. To maintain them, rubber renovators should be used.
  • The air-conditioning system: In summer, you may notice that the air conditioning system has lost some of its cooling capacity. Two factors may account for this: the refrigerant gas must be refilled, or the filter is dirty. The solution in both cases is to take your car to a specialist car workshop.
  • Mind the curb: Hitting the curb with the tire or the rim can damage your wheels. Park with caution.

These are just a few tips to prevent your car from deteriorating over time. Pay attention to strange noises. They will warn you that something is happening. If this is the case, ask a professional. It is the best way of avoiding accidents, huge bills and annoyance.

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