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From the wash bay to the football pitch: our COTIF experience at ISTOBAL

By 10 August, 20174CARLOVERS, cotif
COTIF experience

A couple of weeks ago, 4CarLovers turned into 4FootballLovers, a transformation that was definitely worth it. Supported by ISTOBAL from the beginning, COTIF -the 34th International Under-20 Football Tournament- is being held right now (it started on July 31st) in L’Alcúdia (Valencia), the town where the multinational company was first set up as a small mechanic workshop. We are passionate about car care, but we also have a passion for sporting values that are present in this young players’ tournament; so today, we swap the wheels and tires for a pair of boots and a pair of shorts, and we travel from the wash bay to the pitch. This is our COTIF experience at ISTOBAL.

As you know, a football match does not begin when the referee blows the whistle but much earlier. It all starts in the training sessions. Effort, sacrifice and tenacity are the qualities that young players develop. The referee blows the whistle and the young players jump into the field. At that very decisive moment, the players must do their best, just as we do when we hand over a car wash installation to the operator. Then it’s time for teamwork, collaboration and fair play, which we have definitely witnessed throughout the championship.

Half-time: some players need the physiotherapist to recover and be back in shape for the second half. In our case, the physical trainer is our Technical Service team, who see to it that our machines are always ready.

Back to the game: the players do their very best to fulfil their aim. The coach gives them instructions and advice to implement the best strategy and reach victory. So do our sales people when they recommend the most appropriate solutions to each car wash business.

Basically, football is not so different from a company. Today’s promising COTIF-ISTOBAL footballers are comparable to our interns, who will definitely ‘make it’ both in football and in life. Victory and the satisfaction of having played to the highest level is just like our satisfaction with an excellent and shiny finish after a car wash.

There are many coincidences between football and the car wash world. Players on the pitch and us on the wash bay, we both share the same goal, i.e. to compete with the best, to offer the best show to our supporters, and to be better day after day.  Good luck in the finals! Let the best teams win!

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