EL MUNDO Innovadores publishes a wide report about link-it

By 10 March, 2012NEWS
The Monday’s supplement Innovadores of the Spanish newspaper EL MUNDO shows its interest in the brush fitting system link-it. After the interview in our Headquarters at the end of February, the wide report about the innovation of this brush fitting system developed and patented by ISTOBAL was published in the supplement of the 5th March. Complete article of the published report: Quick fit brushes for an easier way to wash your car Industry > Istobal has patented a system able to attach and combine different colours and wash material on a single removable section The Valencian firm Istobal has created the “simplest brush system in the world” for washing vehicles. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the rollers can be taken apart and customised in a matter of seconds This patented solution makes it possible to attach and combine different materials on a single removable section. The holder comprises two separate halves which snap together and have six prongs to fasten the wash segments to. For the first time, this simple design gives the opportunity to combine different brush material, thicknesses, lengths and colours on one single roller. The moment brushes become worn out with use, they can be changed for new ones but keeping the same holder. Istobal’s wash brushes piece together like a jigsaw puzzle The holder is reusable and can combine different materials An automatic wash machine combines up to 72 different brushes which, with use, end up wearing out. Vehicle wash firms then have to change these high volume systems with all that means in terms of transport and assembly. Until now, they have had no other option but the Valencian firm Istobal has launched a unique solution on the market: Link-it, “the simplest brush system in the world”. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the rollers are taken apart and customised in a matter of seconds. Link-it reduces logistics costs and the environmental impact usually associated with this type of brush In 2006, management at Istobal, based in the Valencian locality of L’Alcúdia, decided to find an alternative way of “standing out from our competitors in improving the quality of the wash”, as product manager, Paco Botella explains. After two years of market research, work started on a project based around three key principles: versatility, creativity and reduced costs (both in terms of storage and logistics). The result of this process was a system now officially patented: Link-it. Istobal’s solution allows you to attach and combine different materials on one removable unit. The holder comprises two separate halves which snap together and have six prongs to fasten the wash segments to. With this simple design, Link-it makes it possible for the first time to combine different brush materials, thicknesses, lengths and colours on a single roller. The moment brushes become worn out with use, they can be changed for new ones but keeping the same holder. “It is a really big advantage in terms of logistics because we replace large pallets with a material which occupies the minimum space,” asserts Botella. Link-it also allows each wash machine to have a unique, customised appearance thanks to the ease with which different coloured materials can be combined on the same roller. The system even has environmental advantages. Until now, it was impossible to reuse this type of system because the holder was built into the brushes and could not be removed but Istobal has now made it possible to take the holders apart and reuse them. Link-it achieves a reduction of “up to 50% of environmental impact by recycling waste material as well as a saving of more than 70% in the transport and storage normally involved in changing or repositioning” conventional brushes. Istobal have decided to go one step further and complete Link-it by developing their own materials for the wash brushes. The company has launched three different lines: Link-feel (polyethylene), Link-foam (foam) and Link-tex (textile). Every country has its own wash customs and prefers one type of material to another. “In Switzerland and Germany 90% of brushes used are textile whereas in Spain, foam is the favourite”, comments the product manager. The new materials offer “more shine in the wash and thus better quality in addition to lower water absorption by the brush.” The latest addition is Link-dry, a dryer brush comprising a textile material able to dry and polish the vehicle. Link-it, on the market since 2010, won a Galería de Innovación award in 2011 at Motortec, in Madrid, and was a finalist at the most important fair in the sector, Automechanika (Frankfurt) in 2010. SPA – Colour wash Istobal has transformed the image of jet washing with N’JOYWASH. The idea is to maintain the level of customer satisfaction and maximum profitability but also to add an element of fun to vehicle care. The Valencian company defines it as “an authentic SPA for vehicles”. A striking example of the innovations introduced is Colorfusion: a special active foam made up of three basic colours which when applied offer a multitude of colour tones, all accompanied by the aroma of cherries. The sensory experience is matched by a more effective system. Owing to its special composition, Colourfusion “lasts longer” on the surface of the vehicle, “softens even the most ground-in dirt and noticeably improves the finish”, according to Istobal. The new solution is also more environment friendly because it uses “100% biodegradable” pigments.