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Each ISTOBAL rollover saves over 1,800,000 litres of water per year thanks to their recycling systems

By 22 March, 2018NEWS
ISTOBAL rollover water

ISTOBAL, the Spanish leader in car wash and car care solutions for the automotive industry saves almost 2 million litres of water per year on each rollover thanks to its recycling systems. Committed to the environment and the initiatives of World Water Day, the company is a pioneer in the development of sustainable solutions aimed at reducing the use of water and energy and minimising environmental impacts.

The firm’s environmentally friendly car wash technologies include recycling systems that allow rollovers to save an average of 128 litres of water every full service. The company has underlined the fact that, if that water were not reused, it would compare to a tap running for 106 days.

ISTOBAL physical and biological recyclers reuse up to 80% of the water used in each service in the following wash program, and prevent contamination of the water coming out at the end of the process.

Committed to responsible water use in their car wash and car care solutions, ISTOBAL has managed to reduce water consumption by 45% for commercial vehicle wash equipment, 40% on the latest rollovers, and 33% on jet washes.

Similarly, the ISTOBAL esens® chemical product range is certified with the ‘Swan Ecolabel’ of Nordic countries, one of the most important and demanding sustainability certifications in the world.

Rollovers and Jet Wash systems, the best choice for low water consumption

On the occasion of World Water Day, ISTOBAL calls for responsible water use by car washes. The company reminds us that washing your car at home with a hose requires much more water, 500 litres approximately according to ECODES (Spanish Foundation for Development and the Environment).

ISTOBAL has pointed out that rollovers and high-pressure jet wash facilities are the best choice to save water. The technology used at jet wash systems -high pressure water spraying- ensures an average consumption between 40 and 60 litres for a full program. Rollovers in turn use 160 litres of water on average for the full service, and 80% of that water is reused thanks to the recycling system.