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Heavy duty automatic rollovers for fleets and commercial washing

Heavy duty truck wash bay

PX is intended for washing vehicle fleets. Thanks to its optimum performance, it can wash a 12 metre long vehicle in less than 2 minutes, including overlapping brush wash on the front and back.

This ‘static machine’ takes up very little space (from 4 metres long), and does not require rails. Its drive-through wash system allows vehicles of all lengths to be washed.

A simple stop-light positioning system ensures communication with the driver: the right stop position is always indicated for an effective overlapping scrub on the vehicle front and back.

Several wash programs can be set up for vehicles with panoramic view mirrors, and a combination of additional vertical brushes with a tilting horizontal brush is possible, which makes this model one of the most complete and productive systems for large fleets.


truck wash bay
truck wash bay
truck wash bay
truck wash bay



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