Commercial vehicle wash equipment

ISTOBAL is leader in the manufacture of wash equipment for the commercial sector, satisfying at all times the needs of any type and size of fleets.

In ISTOBAL we have created a commercial vehicle wash series, specially designed with the latest technology, always taking into account the requirements of this sector. The series consists of compact cleaning equipment of various types, all with a robust and reliable mechanical design to ensure an efficient wash of any commercial vehicles fleet.

Our bus & truck wash equipment offers the maximum versatility to adapt to the specific needs of vans, trucks, trailers, buses, coaches and special vehicles such as tank trucks or public services.

Innovation, quality and reliability are the pillars of the ISTOBAL HW´ range which performs at its best for all commercial vehicle wash systems, exceeding always the expectations of our most demanding customers.

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Commercial vehicle wash systems for each need

We provide commercial vehicle wash systems with a robust design and reliable mechanics that guarantee the efficient washing of all types of commercial vehicles.

Heavy duty automatic rollovers for fleets and commercial vehicles

ISTOBAL HW´PROGRESS & KUBE are the top range in our automatic commercial wash systems. Both are available in four different heights to meet your specific needs for vans, tractor & trailer, buses, coaches or specialty vehicles, with friction and high pressure wash capabilities.

Their versatility and modern use of technology allows operators to purchase one machine that will wash a wide range of commercials, from pick-up trucks to utility trucks, tractor trailers and even tankers efficiently.

ISTOBAL HW´DRIVE range is the most flexible bus & truck wash drive-through system

The two models in this series for commercial vehicles are compact, they have a solid design and reliable mechanics, and they always ensure an optimal result. ISTOBAL HW´DRIVE2 is especially intended for trolley buses and trams, while ISTOBAL HW´DRIVE3 is ideal to meet the specific needs of different bus fleets. Based on the drive-through system and driver interaction, the conception of both models has a focus on safety and comfort as their top priorities. They are both extremely versatile and adaptable, and the smooth and precise movement of their quality polyethylene brushes, always ensures the best finish.

The only motorised system in the market

The new ISTOBAL HW´ROTATORS is a modular arch consisting of up to 8 motorised rotator units.

This high-pressure truck wash equipment is especially intended for the drive-through washing of all commercial vehicle types that cannot be washed with a standard rollover, as it is the case of rubbish trucks, tankers or military vehicles.

This equipment is the only drive-through system in the market with motorised rotators, that ensures maximum wash pressure at a constant speed and includes spraying arms with a stabiliser to avoid pressure losses.

Our quickest automatic rollovers for commercial vehicles

ISTOBAL HW’EXPRESS is a top performer in terms of speed as it can wash a 12 metre long vehicle in less than 2 minutes, including overlapping brush wash on the front and back.

This truck wash bay takes up very little space (from 4.44 metres long), and does not require rails. Its drive-through wash system allows vehicles of all lengths to be washed, which makes this model one of the most complete and productive systems for large fleets.

With and easy and clear positioning system, and a basic civil engineering work, any commercial vehicle can be washed effectively regardless of its length.

A dynamic and cost efficient commercial wash equipment for small fleets

ISTOBAL HW´MONO-ROLL is the new mobile and compact single-brush system in ISTOBAL’s HW´range intended for all types of small fleets. Completing a full-service truck wash in less than 10 minutes without having to move the vehicle. The perfect truck wash bay for the daily wash and care of transport fleets and buses.

Available in two different heights: with a 4,250 mm [13’ -11 3/8”] high brush for all types of truck wash and with a 3,650 mm [11’ -11 3/4”] high brush perfect for bus wash.

MONO-ROLL is an easy-to-use truck wash equipment that does not generate any fumes and does not need either an electrical connection or a water supply.

ISTOBAL anticipates future demands year after year in the car wash and car care sector for all types of vehicles, designing and manufacturing innovative equipment for various industries and geographies.