Car Wash Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner for car wash

Car Wash Vacuum Cleaner

We look to find the right vacuum for your car wash

Car owners look to keep their cars clean and improve the longevity of their vehicles. Maintaining the interior of a vehicle requires the use of a car wash vacuum cleaner, and at ISTOBAL, our goal is to find the right vacuum cleaner for your installation. There are several factors to consider while searching for the right vacuum cleaner, and we have a wide selection to help you find the right equipment to match your requirements.

Car Wash Vacuum options

Car wash vacuum cleaners work on two motors or on a turbine. They filter out the dust, dirt, and any other particulate matter that accumulates in a vehicle. The power, filter tip, and capacity all impact the suitability of any given model.

We offer several models of vacuum cleaners for car washes. For smaller applications, the 4AA00 provides great service in a smaller package. It includes a dust bin of 27L, which is appropriate for many applications. The filters on this unit are two polyester filter sleeves with an internal filter shaker.

The 4AA10 and 4AA20 models are larger and more powerful vacuum cleaners. Both models work on a turbine and offer a maximum suction of 3.000 mm H20. With a dust bin of 36L, this model is very low maintenance and provides stellar reliability. To increase the ease of use, this model includes four polyester filter sleeves and can be equipped with an external or automatic filter shaker.

vacuun cleaner for car wash

Looks Matter

It is important that the vacuum cleaner selected for your car wash not only performs optimally but also looks good on your property. The bodies of all our models are all made out of AISI 304 stainless steel. This provides a robust and long lasting finish to our products. For a more personalised finish, the 4AA10 and 4AA20 models both offer paint color choices to suit the look you are after.

Payment Options on a Car Wash Vacuum Cleaner

It is important that clients can pay for the use of your car wash vacuum easily. Our vacuums come with many payment options. Mechanical coin validation is one way to accept payment with our vacuums. Other systems include electronic coin validation and proximity cards. For any of your needs, ISTOBAL has the right solution for you.


The right size of your vacuum cleaner depends on the amount of use the equipment experiences and the area available for installation. For smaller applications, having a smaller capacity and fewer filters decreases the upfront costs of the unit. These smaller units, like the 4AA00, have a smaller footprint than larger units. With a smaller motor, the cost of operation is also decreased.

However, for high usage equipment, upgrading the size of the vacuum cleaner makes sense. With a larger unit, you provide more power and faster service. The 4AA10 and 4AA20 models offer the power and size needed in high volume operations. This speed lets more customers access the car wash vacuum and increases the revenue you receive from their use. The higher capacity makes the unit more reliable and requires less maintenance. Depending on the area available for installation, the 4AA10 provides a more upright footprint, while the 4AA20 is wider yet shorter.

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Remote Monitoring

Keeping a large fleet of car wash equipment running takes a great deal of time and effort. To reduce the need for staff to manually check the status of the vacuum cleaner at your installation, we offer the feature of IW Manager software. With this software and compatible equipment, you can keep a close eye on all your car wash equipment. The integration of all equipment in one system helps you ensure everything is always working, and that proper maintenance is completed. This oversight is achieved with just a single piece of software in one location. You save time and money by always knowing the state of your equipment. Our models 4AA10 and 4AA20 of car wash vacuum cleaner include compatibility with IW Manager for ease of fleet management.

Protecting Your Investment

Be sure to maintain and protect your investment. The state of the filters has a significant impact on the effectiveness and life of the turbines within your vacuum cleaner for car wash. By using the filter shakers at appropriate times, you ensure that it works the way it should and that it lasts as long as possible.

The hoses and nozzles also need to be cared for appropriately. Hard use of these components leads to premature failure. To help keep your hoses and nozzles cared for properly, we offer spring holders for your car wash vacuum. These holders keep your hoses and nozzles from being dropped and dragged on the ground. They also help keep the nozzle safe from damage.