Xtract super-concentrated chemicals products

With a 90% smaller volume than traditional chemicals, which makes shipping more economical and reduces storage needs. Waste is also reduced by 90% versus standard containers.


Water-soluble biofilm bags

Bio Cap is the product range with more advantages, as the film encapsulating the liquid dissolves and disappears in contact with water. An innovative, easy-to-use product. A carwash revolution.

Use: All
Environmental advantages: *****
Storage advantages: *****
Preparation: Previous dilution in water


Doy Pack plastic bags

Doy Pack offers concentrates in a convenient and small plastic package that preserves the functionality typical of Xtract products.

Use: All
Environmental advantages: ***
Storage advantages: *****
Preparation: Previous dilution in water.


Thermo-sealed bottles

Flask allows machines with an Xtract dosing system to be supplied with superconcentrated products, a development by ISTOBAL that simplifies the handling of chemical consumables.

Use: M´NEX 32 rollover by ISTOBAL
Environmental advantages: ***
Storage advantages: *****
Preparation: Ready-to-use product