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Our chemicals are available in containers with different sizes (from 5L to 25L), 1L and 2L bottles, 200L barrels and 1000L tanks.

A large variety of traditional formats for each individual need.

Products to meet your needs

With esens®, we are aware that each facility and each customer have specific needs. That is why all formulations are customised into a number of categories (Basic, Medium, and Select).

Additionally, the Premium category offers the most innovative chemicals, adding value to the carwash process.


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Prewash: To achieve efficient washing takes a good prewash. So, we have a wide range of products for this washing stage.

Shampoos and foams: There will be no dirt can resist, see our catalog to see the full range of products.

Waxes: Grinding, drying, water repellents… all provide an excellent finish for your car.

Fragrances: Do not put limits to washing, freshens your car with your favorite fragrance.

Professional manual cleaning: esens® offers the widest range exclusively designed for the cleaning of vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Water treatment: esens® is a trustworthy, solid proposal for chemical products and consumables for water treatment equipment.

Facility maintenance: we offers a complete product catalogue for the cleaning and preservation of your facility and your machines, they way your clients would like it.


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esens® extends the Fresh category with Fresh Additive, an innovative concentrated fragrance line to customise scent-free shampoos and foams. Strongly marking our perception and memory, smell is our most powerful sense. Fresh Additive helps us have the maximum impact on end users, generating extremely pleasant car-wash experiences.

fresh aditive

Driving under wet conditions can be dangerous. Aquaplaning, heavy traffic and, particularly, poor visibility hinder an activity which is already risky. To improve safety when driving under such conditions, ISTOBAL has developed Glossy TEARS, a water-repellent wax, that creates a hydrophobic film on the windscreen.