Extrashine wax

Mirror shine and maximum protection

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  • The drying is impeccable and the product leaves a pleasant peach smell.
  • Extrashine wax protects the bodywork from UV radiation. Car colours fade away over time, particularly brighter ones, loosing their intensity as a consequence of the sun. Extrashine Wax brings the shine back.
  • It also ensures a mirror-like shine after washing, a plus for really demanding customers.


A latest-technology wax exclusively designed for the drying phase. The benefits for the vehicle are numerous and the intense mirror effect is noticeable immediately after application. Formulated with special surfactants and fluorinated polymeric resins, its properties are unique. Its bodywork protection against UV radiation is outstanding, colours staying as bright as ever.

How is EXTRASHINE WAX applied?

Consumption per service depends on water quality and weather conditions, the usual range being 5 to 9 ml per vehicle. The wax is applied in wash tunnels, rollovers and jet washes just like any other standard water-repellent wax, i.e. no specific devices are necessary.
car wash products

Extrashine Wax brings the shine back