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Superpolish wax

A superpolish wax for a lasting, quality shine



  • Long-lasting, quality polish.
  • UV protection prevents vehicle from ageing.
  • Pleasant vanilla smell.
  • A shiny car for a longer time.
  • Effect enhanced with each wash.


Superpolish is a wax polish usually applied in non-standard wash programs. It provides an unmatched, long-lasting shine that makes the car look brand new. In combination with our water-repellent wax, the drying effect is perfect and the exceptionally shiny finish stays much longer. 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, Superpolish is an ISTOBAL esens® product certified with the Swan eco-label of Nordic countries, one of the most important and demanding sustainability certifications in the world.


How is SUPERPOLISH WAX applied?

The wax must be applied with a polish program, with dry or wet brushes, on rollovers and tunnels. To enhance the polishing effect, it is massaged before drying, when the car is already clean.