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Clean machinery & clean facilities

The best allies for a perfect car wash

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Clean machinery


  • Ideal for all dirt types on rollovers, tunnels and jet washes.
  • It removes limescale from metal surfaces and hydrocarbon residue.
  • High detergent and scale prevention power for effective, lasting results.
  • Regular use results in a shiny and neat facility.

What is Clean machinery?

It is an ideal product for the maintenance and cleaning of car-wash facilities. With a very low pH, it is excellent for removing limescale. In addition, its detergent and anti-fouling power also allows organic residue or hydrocarbons to be removed. Regular use of this product on washing equipment keeps it in condition and ensures the facility is always perfect.

car wash products

How is Clean machinery applied?

Spray the shampoo over the surface to be cleaned and let it work from two to three minutes. Then rub with a cloth or a soft brush. Rinse the product with pressurised water to remove all residue.

car wash products

Clean facilities


  • It cleans and sanitizes the floor of the wash bay.
  • It eliminates mould on damp surfaces, preventing them from becoming slippery and dangerous.
  • Its chlorinated action removes dirt and prevents it from reappearing, the bays staying clean for longer.

What is Clean facilities?

Clean facilities is a product for cleaning and sanitizing wash bays, both at automatic car wash facilities and in jet washes. It removes mould on damp surfaces, which causes the bays to look dirty and be slippery. The chlorinated action of this detergent removes dirt and prevents it from reappearing, making the facility look perfect and be safer.

car wash products

How is Clean facilities applied?

The application of this product is very simple. It is applied over the surface to be treated and then left to work for one minute. Then, it must be thoroughly rubbed to remove all the dirt and rinsed off with pressure water.