Car Wash chemicals

ISTOBAL and its esens® chemicals

The guarantee the cleaning results expected by the most demanding clients

esens® is the chemical product brand developed by ISTOBAL. As carwash experts for more than 60 years, we know that an effective chemical is essential to obtain an impeccable finish.

With esens®, our chemical solutions fulfil our customers’ expectations and ensure the profitability of carwash equipment.

ISTOBAL and its esens® chemicals guarantee the cleaning results expected by the most demanding clients. The latest technology and the most innovative solutions to facilitate the cleaning of all vehicle types.

esens® covers all carwash areas:

  • Rollovers and tunnels
  • Self-service wash bays
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Manual professional cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • Water treatment
  • Facility maintenance

The use of the right Car Wash Chemicals is critical to the success

People use car washes to get an impeccable clean on their cars. With the use of the right car wash chemicals, your equipment provides the best clean possible. It is critical to the success of your car wash facilities that the equipment provides the results your clients are looking for. At ISTOBAL, we put the best of our research into the car wash chemicals you need to get an impeccable finish. From prewashes to finishes, our car wash chemicals perform at their best to turn your car wash into a profitable business.

Starting off right with effective Pre-wash

The first step in any effective car wash is the use of a quality pre-wash. The car wash detergent used in different pre-wash formulas is designed to handle different types of common issues. The primary concern with a pre-wash is that the road pollutants, grease, and other stubborn stains are removed from the exterior of the car. For this purpose, ISTOBAL offers several different types of formulas. The pre-wash Shampoo HPH is an alkaline based car wash product for rollovers and tunnels designed to remove the grease and dirt that builds up on the body of vehicles over time. It works very well in high-pressure systems, and it works extremely well in tangent with our acidic pre-wash product, the Pre-wash Shampoo LPH.

In addition to the removal of pollutants and other contaminants, pre-wash formulas are also designed to target organic matter. Insects are a problem in different seasons, as they create an unsightly mess on the exterior of a vehicle. Our Insect Pre-wash is designed to help remove insects and bird droppings on any car’s exterior.

Finally, rims develop their own unique build up over time. To deal with this problem, ISTOBAL offers a rim pre-wash that is formulated for treating rims effectively. With a two-in-one product, your car wash may benefit from using our concentrated insect remover and rim cleaner shampoo. The Insect & Rim Pre-wash provides superior cleaning power that tackles the organic film and insect remains seen on many vehicles.

Car Wash Detergent: Shampoos and Foams

Your needs for shampoo and foam is dependent on the type of equipment that you have and the result that you are looking for. For rollovers and tunnels, the Active Mousse, Active Mousse Shine, Infinite Mousse and brush shampoo products create the clean your clients are after. Both products produce an experience during application and include pleasing aromas. Furthermore, ISTOBAL offers shampoos and foams in several colour options including red, white, yellow and blue that result in an amazing experience.

For jet washes, your station requires specific products and at ISTOBAL we have several options to fulfill your needs. For instance, Jet shampoo beats tough road grease and stains and is available in scented and unscented options. There is also a foamy formula based on the previous one, called Jet shampoo booster. The majority of the chemical products in car wash are liquids, however, there are powder shampoos formulated for those customers that prefer that kind of products. If you are looking for a jet wash shampoo, do not hesitate and consult our catalogue.


Creating that final shine that comes with a superior car wash comes from using quality waxes. We have a number of options available for your car wash. These products are designed to meet a number of application requirements. The Polish Flash Wax line is applied with wet or dry brushes. There are also speed waxes and water replant waxes available. Our warm wax products are great for colder climates where drying of traditional wax products can be problematic. Waxes are also available for jet washes used in self-service wash bays.

Other Car Wash Products

There are a significant number of things to consider when providing quality car wash services to your clients. While the main car wash detergent is a key aspect, the smaller details should not be ignored. To create the prefect clean, other products are necessary. For some applications, getting the right clean requires a hands-on approach. In these cases, ISTOBAL offers a range of professional cleaning products designed for washes by hand.

Our product line includes hand pre-wash products for rims, insect removal, and pre-wash shampoos. We also provide quality foam washes and internal cleaning agents for all types of fabrics and materials. Fragrances provide a fresh finish and give your clients a clean they can smell.

For a clean that keeps your clients coming back, your car wash needs high-quality car wash chemicals. These products help your customers get the finish that they expect. ISTOBAL provides the car wash products that suit your applications and satisfies your clients.


Our chemicals are available in containers with different sizes (from 5L to 25L), 1L and 2L bottles, 200L barrels and 1000L tanks. A large variety of traditional formats for each individual need.

car wash products


Xtract super-concentrated chemicals have a 90% smaller volume than traditional chemicals, which makes shipping more economical and reduces storage needs.

Waste is also reduced by 90% versus standard containers.

Our Xtract formats are:

  • BIO CAP (Water-soluble biofilm bags)
  • DOY PACK (Doy Pack plastic bags)
  • FLASK (Thermo-sealed bottles)
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