Car wash brush: The hard part was keeping it simple

Link-it is a quick and easy brush fitting system for automatic wash machines which makes it possible to attach and combine different wash materials on one single detachable support made up of two parts which clip together. The support becomes a complete brush section when the segments of interchangeable and disposable wash material are added.

Each half of the link-it support contains 6 individual prongs, known as “bases”, to fit the segments onto. As many different wash materials as are currently available on the market can be fitted. They can be fitted individually, doubled up, have different lengths, and have different thicknesses of materials or colours. Because car wash brushes link-it are a single, unique solution for a multitude of needs.

ISTOBAL has obtained the official patent for the new link-it system, which guarantees that it is the first and only brush fitting system on the market with such unique features, and which means unprecedented advantages to our customers in the form of: flexibility, profitability, durability, versatility, and respect for the environment.

The support sections of the link-it brush fitting system can be reused as many times as needed; you need only change and dispose of the worn brush wash materials. In fact, the life cycle of the support is superior to that of the vehicle wash machine itself.

carwash brush link feel


car wash brush
car wash brush link foam


  • Modified EVA material
  • Better grip than material currently used
  • Better vehicle shine
  • Less noise on contact with the car
  • Non drip
  • Longer lasting material
  • UV Resistance 7-8 (on a scale of 1 to 8)
car wash brushes
carwash brushes link tex


  • Modified PP material
  • Weight: 850 g/m2
  • Better vehicle shine
  • Less noise on contact with the car
  • Non drip
  • UV Resistance 7-8 (on a scale of 1 to 8)
  • Special treatment for outdoor textile
carwash brushes


  • 100% textile material
  • Weight: 950 g/m2
  • Sandwich” composition, in three-component material
  • Less noise on contact with the car
  • Non drip
  • Higher absorption of residual drops
  • UV Resistance 7-8 (on a scale of 1 to 8)
  • Better vehicle polish
car wash brushes

A brand new system for attaching car wash brushes which is both simple and versatile. Say goodbye to the limits and disadvantages of conventional brush systems, and welcome instead the revolutionary brush fitting system for automatic vehicle wash machines.
Being a pioneer in the sector means constantly devoting energy to innovation and development. Our R+D+i department is always equal to the challenge, never failing to come up with revolutionary ideas which respond to the changing demands of the market with a remarkable blend of efficiency and simplicity. Link-it is a another fine example of ISTOBAL’s abiding refusal to conform, and a great solution for our customers.

Link-it is made with ABS to guarantee resistance to temperature changes, impact, wear, and deterioration caused by detergents used in the wash process. No need for disposal whenever the brushes are changed, which means a saving of up to 50% on the environmental impact caused by having to recycle the waste produced by discarded brush sections. On top of this, a saving of more than 70% saving on typical transport and storage costs involved in changing or replacing material on a conventional brush system.