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Be amazed when you wash your car, thanks to our impressive cleaning products

By 20 February, 20194CARLOVERS

Do you love covering your car in a thick foam, to make sure it lifts off all that dirt and dust? Do you adore the smell of soap when you wash your car? Are you always amazed how wax changes the impact of water? If so, you will be sure to love one of our cleaning products that we will tell you about today. Let’s start with our TOP 5 ISTOBAL esens® products, that are sure to awaken all five of your senses. Look out for them in your car wash facility!

Active Mousse Shine, with Infinite Mousse Arch

This amazing foam provides an intense, pleasant cherry fragrance and features a powerful pink shade. It produces a large amount of foam and adds shine while protecting the car chassis. The active foam dissolves and removes dirt, while wax also helps the drying process. It is an amazing 3-in-1 product. Efficient washing, extra shine, speedy drying. When used with our Infinite Mousse Arch in the rollover, the foam falls on the vehicle just like a smooth curtain. It is bound to impress you!

Active Tricolour Foam with the Colour Fusion Gun

If you prefer to wash your car yourself in the jet wash, then you need to try this foam. Applied with our Colour Fusion Gun, you can cover your car with a dense layer of foam in three colours; red, yellow and blue; which when mixed result in a whole array of colours on the vehicle’s chassis. Not only that, this foam smells like cherries. It steals the show!

Infinite Mousse with the Canon à mousse

In high-pressure jet wash areas, you can also enjoy the experience of washing your car with the Infinite Mousse special foam. It is a product specially designed for our mousse foam gun. It offers a high level of cleaning power and a high density, which allows the entire vehicle to be covered. Your car will look like candyfloss.

Rain Plus Wax

To complete the process, you will love our Rain Plus Wax. It is a high-tech wax with no less than four functions. It adds shine, protects the vehicle chassis, contributes to exceptional drying and repels rainwater, meaning that water runs off on its own when moving at more than 80 km/h. You can find it in automatic rollovers as well as in high-pressure jet wash areas. Look closely and you will see how easily those raindrops just run off.

Extreme alkaline pre-wash

And if you like to wash your truck as well as your car, we have a product that will surprise you in our ISTOBAL esens® range for industrial vehicles. It is the most powerful alkaline pre-wash on offer, which provides an exceptional result, even when washing without brushes. With a high pH, this product excels due to its high detergent and foaming power. It is designed to make a difference when it comes to touchless truck cleaning.

With these five products, you have the perfect combination for achieving an extraordinary experience and turning a simple wash into a true sensation! Enjoy!

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