Automatic car wash: rollovers

The automatic car wash world’s new experience

ISTOBAL is a reference brand internationally in the automatic car wash sector. The company´s wide range of equipment adapts to the diverse needs of customers across various sectors and geographic areas, providing effective car wash and car care solutions.

The rollovers, ISTOBAL M’1, M’START, the range M’NEX, ISTOBAL FLEX5 and TRACER are designed to meet the most demanding expectations of our customers. With an avant-garde and modular design solutions, ISTOBAL is a trend setter in the manufacturing of these ranges of equipment that cover all needs in the world of automatic car wash.

car wash machine


car wash machine


car wash machine


car wash machine


car wash machine


A wide range of solutions for your car wash machine

The ISTOBAL M’1 rollover is the basic model of the automatic car wash range. A machine that offers the necessary equipment to achieve top levels of quality and efficiency according to the demands of the market.

ISTOBAL M’START is a rollover designed for installations with a capacity of 800 to 1,200 vehicles per month and is the perfect equipment to start in the most cost-effective way in the car wash business. This equipment integrates a wide range of options.

The generation of M’NEX automatic car wash equipment excels in many aspects: aesthetics, mechanics, flexibility and versatility. It has been created with the unique desire to satisfy the most demanding of the professionals in the world of the car wash, and therefore it has countless options that allow our customers to customize each rollover according to their specific needs. M’NEX has 5 different models. If you wish to learn more about them, click here.

ISTOBAL FLEX5 is the only rollover in the market capable of turning into 5 or 3 brushes without the need to change fairings in just 1 day of work. Its adaptability is complimented by its great quality of washing. In addition, the 5 brushes version of the FLEX5, increase the wash speed.

ISTOBAL TRACER is the first 100% European brushless automatic car wash based on the American philosophy of touchless wash with high pressure. It consists of air displacement equipment suspended from its own structure and an inverted “L” shaped pipe system for the application of chemicals and high pressure.

Discover all the advantages offered by the different models of the ISTOBAL car wash machines.