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If you know where you come from you can go anywhere

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Mr. Ismael Tomás Alacreu founded ISTOBAL in the spring of 1950

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bus wash

A triple bus wash in Seville


Here is an interview with Manuel Rosendo, maintenance manager of Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla S.A.M. (Tussam), the company that runs Seville’s bus and tram service. He is going to give us some details about this amazing facility.

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ISTOBAL is a world reference amongst car wash manufacturers

The vision of Ismael Tomás Alacreu, the founder of the Company, almost seventy years ago, was the motor of the company success. His belief turnout to be ISTOBAL mantra “If you know where you come from you can go anywhere” and today we are in 75 countries with the same objective: to be considered the best Company in car wash business worldwide.

The highest standards as car wash business

ISTOBAL is investing resources to develop operations worldwide to match the highest standards as car wash business in quality and customer demands, independently of geography, market size and cultural differences, and for that purpose we work with. We want to be a multinational maintaining our team spirit and culture everywhere we go.

Customer care and service is guaranteed with our car wash suppliers in every market following car washing equipment long life requirements and client demands.

We believe that ISTOBAL story, as one of the top car wash manufacturers in the market, is the story of all the employees and their commitment to make ISTOBAL greater every day and that’s why we support their personal and professional development.

ISTOBAL car wash equipment is the reflex of its constant commitment in developing design, adaptability and innovation to deliver great products that keep all vehicles washed and cared like new. We invest a relevant percentage of our profitability in research and development to increase our competitiveness and respect for ecology and sustainability.