Two-wheeler lovers II. How to wash your bicycle at the car wash bay

By 19 april, 20174CARLOVERS
Cómo lavar tu bici

Today is World Bicycle Day. ISTOBAL wants to pay homage to the healthiest and cleanest means of transport by doing what we are best at: washing and taking care of your bike so that it is ready for you whenever you need it. So today we join the ‘Bike Lovers’. A cyclist colleague explained to us how he washes his bike at the jet wash -like you- to always keep it in perfect condition.

To start with, make sure the jet wash of your choice has a bike holder so that the bicycle remains stable while you apply high-pressure water. It is important to give your bike a pre-wash with car-cleaning products, to remove mud, insect remains, and grease.  And don’t forget to apply the high pressure over the grease area on the chain. Rotate the wheel to be able to clean it completely.

During the wash phase remember to pay special attention to the wheel bearings and the hub; these parts are delicate and the use of high-pressure water is not recommended. Use medium pressure instead. The hub area can be washed with a sponge to avoid water coming in.

Finally, it’s time to dry. Use paper to thoroughly dry delicate areas like the seat and other contact areas.  After the wash, it’s important to lubricate the chain.

Bike lovers really enjoy cleaning their bikes at the jet wash. To further enhance their experience, ISTOBAL has developed accessories especially designed for bicycles. Watch the video and find out for yourself. Happy World Bicycle Day!