Sales network conference held at ISTOBAL Italy to consolidate market positioning

By 24 oktober, 2016News
Italian Conference

Castelfranco Emilia was the venue of the sales network conference of ISTOBAL’s Italian subsidiary, intended to reinforce its positioning in the Italian market. With twenty regional distributors throughout the country, the Italian subsidiary organised the meeting to underline the importance of this market to the group, define a common vision, and boost sales prospects. 

Distributors shared information and discussed sales strategies during the gathering. Team-building was one the main goals, together with ensuring the consistency of major action lines in order to consolidate the unique value of ISTOBAL products in the Italian marketplace, which ranks third within the Group thanks to its turnover.

35 participants had an opportunity to explore the latest products, including the new  M’NEX32 rollover with all its updates and technological features such as the innovative wheelwash brush, the Infinite Mousse Arch, or the new dosing system for esens® chemical products. The Italian sales network were also shown the latest items in the HeavyWash commercial vehicle range, the new mobile single-brush system, and Rotators -the new modular arch-, as well as a number of accessories and optional extras designed to improve the carwash experience of the n’joywash jet wash line.

ISTOBAL’s CEO Rafael Tomás opened a conference which did not only include the ISTOBAL team based in Italy but also participants from Market Development, Product Management, and Technical Service.