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Post-holiday car-cleaning tips

By 31 augusti, 20164CARLOVERS

Summer is coming to an end and we slowly go back to normal. If you travelled by car during your holidays, here are some tips to bear in mind when preparing the vehicle for the new season. Have a look.

Your car can deteriorate more in summer than during the rest of the year due to the heat, the sun, stubborn dirt or the sand from the beach…  So don’t forget to give it a thorough wash!

To start with you want to wash the exterior, including the underchassis and the rims.  If the vehicle is very dirty, we recommend a program with a prewash, and if you really want it to be shiny, include a wax at the end.

Warning!! Windscreen wipers tend to deteriorate quite a lot. The absence of rain and the sun cause the rubber to go hard. It is recommendable to replace them before the rainy season, usually after the summer.  By doing so, you will avoid issues associated to poor visibility.

Talk to the employees at the facility. They might offer a complete carwash service. Cleaning absolutely all little corners in your car will help extend the life of some of the parts that wear off more quickly in part as a result of dirt building up.

As for the interior, here are some steps for an impeccable finish, whether you or a professional does the job:

  • The dashboard. There are many products to remove dust and dirt particles. In grooves and difficult areas not accessible with a cloth, we can use a vacuum cleaner or a small brush.
  • We can also use shine-enhancing plastic cleaners to clean the inside of the boot and the tray, the door frames…
  • And the windows must be cleaned from the inside too. Use a window cleaner for interiors, and don’t forget the wing mirrors!
  • Vacuum clean the mats, the boot and the seats.
  • Before you apply any product, please read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

These tips are applicable to all cars that have been used during the holidays, but they are more relevant for those that have been near the sea; sand residue contains salt, and salt can cause car metals to rust. Choose a carwash facility with your favourite system: manual jet wash or automatic wash, and enjoy your clean and radiant car when you return from your holidays.

What about you? How do you get your car ready?

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