Keeping your jet wash clean

By 24 maj, 2017ISTOBAL School

Here is a short maintenance remainder to help you keep your jet wash clean and ensure the facility is always ready for your customers. At ISTOBAL School, we have already talked about how to clean your rollover, but maintenance tasks for jet washes should not be overlooked either.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, before any repair or maintenance operation on the jet wash or any of its optional extras, the power supply should be switched off on the main switch or the applicable device. You will also have to cut off the water supply and the compressed air.

Remember to always use your Personal Protection Equipment. Wear safety footwear and a high-visibility reflective vest whenever you are working at the facility. Always wear chemical safety gloves and splash goggles when refilling chemical products or when using cleaning or maintenance products. Protect yourself and take special care to avoid slipping when the bay is wet. Mark the area with a warning cone to stop access while working… Now, roll up your sleeves!

Let’s get started. We recommend you to use products specifically designed for the cleaning of car wash facilities. A chlorinated cleaner will make your jet wash look brand new. You can use additional chemicals to clean the screens and to remove limescale and even ice from the floor. For further information on these original products, go to ISTOBAL esens®..

Some maintenance tasks must be done daily: Clean the bays and check for leaks in guns, lances and boom arms, as well as inside the jet wash cabinet, check the oil level in the high-pressure pumps and the condition of the chemical, and fill up the tanks if necessary. Lastly, make sure the dosing pumps and the hot-water generator work properly.

All our recommendations and maintenance checks are available in the user guides that come with our equipment, so keep them handy for reference or contact our engineers if you have any questions.

What happens after cleaning? Remember all containers which have previously contained chemical products or products for cleaning or maintenance of car wash equipment must be properly disposed of. You already know that reusing the containers is forbidden. Likewise, all maintenance and repair waste at the jet wash must be treated as hazardous, which means they should be handled by a certified company.

We are as concerned with protecting the environment as much as with your jet wash profitability by keeping it always in perfect condition.