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Keep on imagining and creating things to make your car wash station more attractive

By 23 december, 2016ISTOBAL School

lona-glossyA few weeks ago we shared with you some creative ideas to make your car wash station more visible and attractive and to increase sales. The paint used on the outside, vinyls and banners were some of the elements suggested to make your facility more eye-catching and bring your customers closer to your services. But you can still do a lot more things! Would you like to know what things? Grab a pen and some paper.

You must have seen the creative fabrics with powerful advertising messages and slogans that sometimes cover buildings while they are refurbished. Advertisers take advantage of them to advertise their brand. You can do the same with your car wash station. A good way of making the most of canvases is to advertise a particular rollover or jet wash program, a specific product to be promoted with your customers, or a recently purchased machine. Here are some ideas to draw people’s attention to Glossy Tears by esens®, for example, the water repellent wax, which is particularly useful this time of the year.

barraca-showroomIn relation to canvases, there are also other advertising formats, such as displays. These items are very easily installed and removed. They are made of different materials and can be differently sized. You will be able to catch people’s attention and increase your wash volumes as a result. Special promotions, new products or new services are some of the contents that can be highlighted with them.
This is a display example advertising a specific jet-wash bay where customers can listen to their favourite songs while washing their vehicle.

mnexFluorescent lighting and elements in an original approach can also be very attractive and eye-catching, especially at this time of the year, with much shorter days. You can use them around the facility but also on your machines! The latest models in the M’NEX rollover range by ISTOBAL incorporate light displays and LED screens to facilitate communication with customers. Use this opportunity to connect with your users.

And why shouldn’t you decorate your machine too? ISTOBAL has numerous designs that give your rollover a special touch and make a difference from competitors. Vinyls can be placed on both the front and the back, and you can also match them with the colour of your machine and your brushes, to create a style of your own.

When it comes to being creative, the sky is the limit. What about you, any ideas to make your car wash station more attractive? We look forward to your proposals in the blog!


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