ISTOBAL obtains ‘Swan Ecolabel’ -the ecolabel of Nordic countries- for its environmental friendliness

By 12 januari, 2017News
swan ecolabel

ISTOBAL has obtained the ‘Swan Ecolabel’ -the ecolabel of Nordic countries- for its environmental friendliness in its esens® chemical product line.

It is one of the most important and demanding sustainability certifications in the world. Nordic Swan Ecolabel certifies that esens® chemicals comply with the most demanding environmental criteria throughout their life cycle (raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, use, and waste water discharge) and guarantees their effectiveness in car wash processes.

The licence already includes eight ISTOBAL products covering all carwash phases (pre-wash, shampoos, foams and waxes), and the range is planned to be extended in the future, in close collaboration with Lavantia, the manufacturing company of esens® chemicals, partly owned by ISTOBAL.

The specific products certified by Swan Ecolabel are: active foam, scented and scent-free shampoo for automatic brush wash, drying wax, shine-enhancing protective wax, polishing wax, insect remover, and rim cleaner.

The Spanish company is committed to developing environmentally friendly technologies and products and to fostering sustainable consumption by offering chemicals that can meet the needs of the most demanding environmentally-aware customers.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification has been implemented in Nordic countries ever since 1989 as an environmental labelling system that contributes to sustainable consumption.

Nordic countries have the most demanding environmental legislation worldwide. Besides being the most restrictive standard, Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the only ecolabel certification for car wash chemicals in Europe.

ISTOBAL, committed to the environment

The Spanish firm has a strong environmental policy to minimise the environmental impact of its activity. The company is a pioneer in the ongoing development of sustainable carwash solutions aimed at saving water and energy and reducing environmental impacts.