ISTOBAL launches latest rollover and new corporate image in Autopromotec

By 17 maj, 2017News

ISTOBAL will present  the new ISTOBAL M’NEX32 and its renewed corporate image at Autopromotec Bolonia. The rollover includes the latest features and technological developments in the sector.

From 24 to 28 May, ISTOBAL will present its latest M’NEX-range rollover at stand A67, Hall 25. At the forefront of technology and design, ISTOBAL M’NEX32 brings together top quality results and a pleasant user-friendly car wash experience thanks to numerous features and innovative options.

The rollover will start being marketed by mid year, with high expectations. Its innovations and upgrades include a new wheel wash brush that reaches all grooves and difficult areas on rims, with much better cleaning results than traditional brushes, a foam arch, new centring guides, and LED screens for an appealing and intuitive car wash experience.

The new top-of-the-range rollover also includes a brush tilting device on the back of the vehicle to ensure a thorough clean and a new dosing system for ISTOBAL esens® products which injects superconcentrates directly into the circuit in small but very precise amounts.

Sustainable jet washes by ISTOBAL

As a novelty and for the first time in Autopromotec, the Spanish company will display an aerothermal heating boiler to be used at jet washes. This equipment can save up to 75% power compared to electric heaters, and 60% compared to gas boilers. This sustainable and efficient system also reduces maintenance and has a lower environmental impact thanks to the use of renewable energy and the absence of combustion and smoke emission.

The new hot water heater, together with ISTOBAL’s patented systems for chemical product injection and automatic management of high-pressure pumps make the jet washes of the Spanish brand one of the most environmentally friendly systems in the market.

Also in the jet wash area, the Spanish company will present its new accessory range for a ‘car wash experience for the five senses’, thanks to the incorporation of music, the use of different fragrances, and the special lighting. ISTOBAL will also display accessories for motorbike and bicycle wash, as well as accessories  for ‘the little ones’.

With regard to commercial vehicle washing, the Spanish company will show two new pieces of equipment that meet the needs of different types of vehicles and fleets. ISTOBAL HW’MONOROLL is a single-wheeled mobile wash system for the daily care of small fleets of buses and transport companies which performs a full wash in less than 10 minutes without having to move the vehicle. ISTOBAL HW’ROTATORS is a high-pressure drive-through wash system for special vehicles that cannot be washed with a standard rollover, as is the case with rubbish lorries and army vehicles, among others.

The new ISTOBAL esens® chemical formats will also have a prominent presence in Autopromotec. This system of super-concentrated car wash products reduces CO2 emissions by 80% and hardly generates any waste into the environment.