ISTOBAL launches its online store in Spain

By 11 oktober, 2016News

ISTOBAL supports e-commerce with an online store in Spain:

The entire car-cleaning esens® range is already marketed on the new online service, as part of the first phase.  Carwash accessories and marketing elements to promote carwash facilities will also be sold on the Internet store in short.

Targeted at sector professionals and operations in Spain, the online store could be accessible to other countries in a second phase, based on the needs identified in different markets.

ISTOBAL’s CEO Yolanda Tomás underlines that the initiative “aims to achieve greater effectiveness in sales processes, reaching all areas in Spain in a simple way, and to better know our customers so that our supply can fulfil their demand”.

With a focus on excellence and internal process improvement, ISTOBAL’s online store is integrated into the company’s internal system for resource planning and management, and it so required different departments to collaborate closely.  A user-friendly website, the online store provides customers with added value via offers and promotions, and with information updates on product novelties.

In this regard, the esens® chemical range is defined by innovation, with new products being launched in the market, now show-cased to clients on the online shop.

At customers will be able to buy products online with a credit or debit card. Shipping times will be set for each item and the status of the order will also be specified. The payment method complies with all the applicable regulations on commercial transaction security.