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Istobal at Automechanika 2014

By 11 september, 2014News

In Frankfurt, Istobal, Spain’s leader in wash solutions for the automotive sector, will present an innovative drying model which saves 65% electricity.

  • Frankfurt’s Automechanika has selected this novel project (Smartflow) as a candidate to the Innovation Award, Service Station and Car Wash category.
  • Istobal will also present, for the first time, the M1, the new low cost rollover, and the new jet washes Avant and Access.
  • And Xtract, a new 100% biodegradable wash concentrate which reduces CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 80% and which replaces a 10l bottle by two 300 gr capsules.

ISTOBAL, the Valencian leader in wash solutions for the automotive sector, will attend Automechanika in Frankfurt, from 16 to 20 September, with a number of new features such as project Smartflow, a revolutionary drying system for rollovers reducing power use to 65% and noise levels down to 6 dB compared to conventional drying solutions.

Automechanika has selected this innovative project for the prestigious Innovation Award 2014 in the Service Station & Car Wash category, granted by the trade fair on the occasion of the opening of the largest international exhibition of the automotive supplier industry (components and accessories, supplies, subcontracting, import-export).

This efficient and innovative drying system is based on the development of Cross-flow tangential turbine technology, already used in many applications. The turbine system has many advantages over centrifugal turbines commonly used in traditional drying, as the inflow of air takes place all along the nozzle and the turbine, which ensures a large air volume with minimum power.

Along with this new system, ISTOBAL will present in its 750 m2 stand in the outdoor exhibition area Car Wash City (F12, Stand A28), another great product: the M1, the new low cost rollover, in line with changing times, a unit with simple features and for very specific customers. Ranges M’START and M’NEX22 will also be on display, this time incorporating SmartFlow, the only car-wash machine demonstrated during the fair.

Another novelty for the European market, TRACER OH1, an inverted L-shaped system, surrounds the vehicle and washes it with high pressure without contact.
The rollovers travelling to the German city will be accompanied by new payment terminals Codec and Connect-A.

As for the jet-wash range –n’joywash-, models Access and Avant will be presented for the first time and, a far as Accessories are concerned, we will get to see new additions such as the sprayer, the manual blower/dryer and the paper dispenser.

The commercial vehicle wash range HEAVYWASH will be represented by rollovers Kube and Progress, which incorporates new tilting brushes.

Green area

In the greenest area of the stand, ISTOBAL will present the Link-it brushes and the Esens range of wash concentrates including many novelties: new Naming for the concentrates, a new Vending product line, and the new ultra-concentrated product Xtract consisting of water-soluble bags.

In fact, this last project is a pioneering water-soluble bags system for the dosage of ultra-concentrated products for the car-wash sector. They are 100% biodegradable products that reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere up to 80% and generate zero waste to the environment.

It is the first industrial system with water-soluble bags dosage of car-wash products allowing to replace the contents of a standard 10 litre bottle (shampoo, foam, wax, etc.) by the ultra-concentrated contents of a sachet with two 300 gr bags.

ISTOBAL at Automechanika 2014