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Istobal and Lavance at Equip Auto 2015

By 22 oktober, 2015News

On the occasion of EQUIP AUTO, a professional ‘must’ in France, our distributor LAVANCE presented the latest developments: the flexible rollover, the technical innovations of the new high-pressure jet wash generation, and a new car-wash product range.

FLEX5, an exclusive and flexible rollover 

Presented on an exclusive basis, LAVANCE described FLEX5 as the only rollover in the market that can shift from 3 to 5 brushes to boost its wash power, always ensuring an impeccable finish. The new rollover allows car-wash managers to meet specific needs at their facility.

AVANT, a modular jet wash range

Also for the first time in the French market, LAVANCE presented the new range of high pressure jet washes, AVANT. Its modularity and program variety are remarkable features intended to fulfil customer demands. With a view to making a difference in an increasingly competitive scene, car-wash managers can now customise their program choice with up to 8 programs per bay from a total offer of 13 different programs.

Thanks to their modularity, AVANT jet washes can be configured in a number of set-ups, from 2 to 8 bays. Wash products are circulated by dedicated dosing pumps (a pump per product and bay), which ensures that products are at their best.  In addition, car-wash managers can use programmable variable pressures, in line with the program choice: low, medium or high pressure, thus reducing the use of power, water and chemical products.

ESENS, a new wash concentrate range  

Also a première, LAVANCE presented the esens® wash concentrate range, formulated by ISTOBAL to help facility managers combine both profitability and quality, and subsequently achieve greater customer satisfaction.

esens® is available as wash concentrates (10L, 20L and 25L standard containers) or as xtract (ultra-concentrated water-soluble capsules). Innovative, revolutionary and simple, the xtract range is a new wash concentrate system consisting of water-soluble bags that facilitates the shipping, storage and handling of wash products.

And we cannot forget the Vending range for vehicle care (sprays, creams, and air-fresheners) intended for the point of sale at the car wash or service station.