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How to wash your car to keep allergies to a minimum

By 16 april, 20194CARLOVERS
car wash allergies

As experts in vehicle wash and care solutions, we are going to give you some weekly cleaning tips to help you reduce allergies at this time of year. Keeping your car clean prevents the spread of mites, pollen, dust, bacteria and other substances that damage vehicles.

A clean car also ensures greater road safety. Allergy symptoms such as sneezing or itchy eyes can negatively affect the driver’s ability to react on the road. It is therefore important to wash the car inside out to reduce the effects of allergies, so that there is no need to compromise on visibility at the wheel.

Cleaning the mats

To make sure you are cleaning the car correctly, we recommend that you start by cleaning the interior. As well as using the mat cleaners, it is essential that you shake and vacuum the mats to prevent a build-up of bacteria inside the car.  Do remember that this equipment may include an anti-bacterial chemical sanitizer.

Deep vacuum cleaning

In order to be able to clean thoroughly the whole interior of the car, you will now need to remove any personal objects and use air blowers to get rid of any specks of dirt trapped in the corners of the car. You will need to move the seats to reach the dirt that accumulates beneath here, then recline each seat to vacuum the residues and dust that gets trapped between the seat and the back rest.

Caring for the upholstery

Poor textile hygiene can also increase the symptoms of allergies. We therefore advise that you regularly clean the upholstery using suitable products that deliver a deep clean without damaging the surface. We recommend dry foams for textile upholstery, as these products penetrate the threads of the fabric to bring out the dirt and are equipped with anti-static protection to protect the surface for a longer lasting clean. Simply apply the product directly to the upholstery and rub with a clean brush to produce a generous foam. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge and vacuum to remove as much residue as possible. Leave to dry.

To clean natural or synthetic leather upholstery, spray the product onto the surface and rub with a dry cloth until the surface achieves the desired shine.

Getting rid of dust

When cleaning the car’s interior, you should also wash the inside of the windows, panes and rear-view mirror with a glass cleaner. We recommend non-stick products for the glove compartment, dashboard and all the plastic components, to prevent dust sticking to the surface and keep them clean for longer. It is also essential to clean the cabin air filters with compressed air, replacing them once a year or every 15,000 km.

Cleaning the exterior

Cleaning the exterior with the right wash programmes in jet wash bays, rollovers or tunnels will get rid of pollen, resin, insects and bird droppings, helping to keep your car in optimum condition. Remember that it is very important to get rid of these residues as soon as possible, because they have a highly corrosive effect that damages the paintwork, affects the colour and strips the car of its shine.

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