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By 16 februari, 2017ISTOBAL School

Today we start a new topic on our blog, specially targeted at those of you in charge of vehicle fleets or a vehicle-wash business for trucks, buses, vans and other commercial vehicles. As you probably know, the world of commercial vehicles has its own features. It is important to know the various commercial car wash equipment available in the market and what vehicle type they are specifically intended for.

At ISTOBAL we are not only experts in car wash machines. We are also equipment manufacturers since 1963. We also have a long experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of machines to wash all types of commercial and large-sized vehicles. From our first truck and bus-wash equipment in 1982 to date, we have created a whole range of specialised machines for different transport fleets: vans, lorries and trailer trucks, buses and minibuses, trams and trains, and any other special vehicles such as tankers, tractors, rubbish lorries, etc. Depending on the vehicle type and fleet size, different wash solutions can be offered to meet the needs of transport professionals.

Truck wash

Our rollovers, such as HeavyWash Progress or Kube, are the most versatile systems. They are compact and robust. They adapt to different vehicles, with special widths and different heights. And they also incorporate various options designed for a perfect outcome in lorries and other means of transport: side and top high pressure, chemical prewash, different types of waxes or foams, and underchassis wash.

Tram wash

The best solution for trolleybuses and trams is offered by drive-through machines. These systems are not closed at the top, which makes them suitable for vehicles with an overhead catenary. These installations must include vertical brushes to wash the front, the back and the sides of the vehicle, covering all surfaces. A brush-tilting system together with the opposite spinning of the brushes allows the equipment to better follow the shape of these vehicles, reaching all corners. Our HW Drive-Through is an example of these types of installations for trams.

Train wash

Due to their varying length and different power systems, trains and their engines can have a variety of shapes, and they so require almost tailored wash solutions  ISTOBAL, together with its French subsidiary FDI+, also has a dedicated line for these vehicles.

Bus wash

If you have a fleet of buses or minibuses, you are also interested in a drive-through system, like our 4HWD300 model. It includes a split front brush -patented by the company- to avoid the characteristic front mirrors on some buses. With an opposite-direction spin and speed control systems, the vertical brushes are necessary for this type of vehicle.

Special vehicle wash

Special vehicles such as rubbish lorries, tankers, army vehicles or tractors are usually washed with special systems without brushes and with high pressure. In this case, the latest technology and programming are required in order to follow vehicle profiles. ISTOBAL has managed to do so with HeavyWash Progress, our most advanced machine for commercial vehicles. In addition, in 2016 we developed our HeavyWash Rotators model, a modular wash arch consisting of up to 8 motorised rotators that ensure maximum wash pressure at a constant speed. It is compatible with many commercial car wash equipment.

Small fleets

What If I just have a small fleet? There are also lighter, more economical mobile solutions, like Mono-Roll, a motorised piece of equipment which does not need a water or power supply.

As you can see, an in-depth study of the different types of commercial vehicles and fleets allows us to provide customised and efficient wash systems for each of them. Big vehicles require big solutions!

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