F. Leitner. A success story in the Green Heart of Austria

By 13 september, 2017ISTOBAL School
F. Leitner

Today’s story will surely be of interest to you, particularly if you are a car lover. Harald Leitner is the manager of F. Leitner, a family-run company based in Styria (Austria).  He talks to us about his 12,000 m2 service station in Feldkirchen bei Graz, right in the so-called Green Heart of Austria.

Leitner has supplied its customers with diesel for central heating and fuel for more than 50 years. In recent years, the company has expanded its network with 35 new service stations in the states of Carinthia, Lower Austria and Styria, of course. Car wash quality, equipment profitability, and a trustworthy team are some of the aspects highlighted by our interviewee as regards his experience with the ISTOBAL brand.

What services does Feldkirchen service station offer?

Apart from our premium fuels and a shop, we offer everything people need for vehicle care. From interior cleaning to car washing, a truck wash service and a repair shop to keep vehicles in good condition. Our service portfolio in Feldkirchen is very wide.

Can you please tell us about the company’s car wash experience?

At the beginning, we were basically heating oil and fuel wholesalers. We had not yet explored that particular business avenue. However, in 2008 we started strengthening our presence as service stations, and we then began to offer car wash services consisting of jet washes and rollovers.

What car wash equipment do you use?

In February 2017, our service station in Feldkirchen purchased the new ISTOBAL FLEX5, a 3-brush (expandable to 5) rollover that is switched on from a Connect-a payment terminal. We also have the ISTOBAL HW’PROGRESS, a rollover for trucks with a manual pre-wash gun. We also have installed a biological recycler by ISTOBAL on both rollovers. Additionally, we offer our clients the possibility of a manual car wash using high-pressure lances in 3 jet washes, and we recently included a professional interior cleaning service into our portfolio.

What are your service hours at the facility?

The car wash -including both the jet washes and the rollover- is open from Monday to Saturday from 05:30 to 23:00, and we are also open on Sundays and bank holidays, from 07:00 to 22:00. The petrol station has 24-hour self-service dispensers for both cars and lorries.

What caused you to choose ISTOBAL and when did you start working with them?

We installed our first ISTOBAL machine in February 2013 in Villach (Carinthia). Ever since, we have installed four additional rollovers by ISTOBAL in Styria. The first reason for choosing ISTOBAL was its cost; its value for money speaks for itself. On the other hand, ISTOBAL’s machines fully meet our quality and capacity needs, and they also have a ‘Spanish touch’.

How do ISTOBAL machines and their technical support service stand out?

In terms of equipment, one of the most important aspects is car wash quality. It is in this particular regard that we get very positive feedback from our users, about both the different programs and the final car wash result.

Besides, to me, quality and profitability are a must. But you don’t get to know about these things until you buy and commission the equipment. My personal experience with ISTOBAL so far has proved that I can definitely trust the company and their very committed people, especially the sales team.

As far as the Technical Support Service is concerned, I’d like to emphasize their very short turnaround times.  In my case, they respond very quickly because the central warehouse is in Styria and it is always well stocked.

What are F. Leitner’s strategies or promotional campaigns to attract new clients or strengthen customer loyalty?

It is very important for us to offer all of our customers a positive car wash experience that makes them come back to us. That is why a satisfactory wash quality and good visual effects are essential.

One of the best advertising strategies to attract new customers is word-of-mouth by happy clients. But we also have offers and promotions on the occasion of the opening of a new station, or tailored promotions for specific stations, which helps us build a new client base.

Regular customers can have a client card. They are informed about special offers over the email, for wash services at lower prices.

What is the key to success at your car wash? What makes the difference with other service stations?

Apart from the good quality of our products and services and our convenient location next to the motorway and the airport, we stand out for a wide and comprehensive range of car wash services that meet all needs. At the F. Leitner service station in Feldkirchen, our clients can find everything they need for their vehicle.

This is the end of our interview with Harald Leitner in Feldkirchen bei Graz, a very happy customer of ISTOBAL Handelsges.m.b.H . He gave us a first-hand description of the wide car wash service range at a spectacular petrol station with a Spanish touch in the Green Heart of Austria.

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