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Details to make a difference in your carwash business

By 6 oktober, 2016ISTOBAL School

Small details make the difference. This well-known phrase underlines the importance of appreciating little gestures also in carwash facilities. They can be key to differentiating ourselves from the competition and achieving customer loyalty.

What are your clients’ needs? How do they perceive your facility? What is their motivation to come and wash their vehicle? These are the first questions that must be answered. To do so, we must try to be in our customers’ shoes and listen to them carefully. Listen, talk, act. First, attention must be paid and needs must be identified. Then, we must collect additional information directly from the client, and finally we must take actions accordingly.

Taking care of small details will help us along the way. It is important to give clear and concise instructions about the operation of the facility. We must bear in mind that clients will not read a thirty-line text. They will not decipher a hieroglyph either.  Reaching the right balance is critical. Signals and symbols must also be understandable. What can be worse than not feeling safe when you leave your car inside the carwash? When it comes to improving the carwash experience, minimising uncertainty and eliminating anxiety about the unknown are fundamental premises.  Clients should have information and feel they are safe.

Another vital aspect that sometimes goes unnoticed is maintenance and cleaning at the facility. None of us would like to wash their clothes or the dishes in a filthy machine. Well, our customers would not like to wash their car in a facility that is not in perfect condition.

Time to choose a wash program. What program shall I choose for my car today?  Clients wonder. First things first: programs must be presented in an attractive way, and they should be easy to read, with clear language that can be understood by the user. A personal carwash assistant -like the one used by ISTOBAL on the Connect-a payment terminal- can also be very helpful. Users are not program experts but they do know when their car is dirty. Kate and Robert help customers make a decision by means of questions: dirt level, particularly dirty areas to work on, and finish. Our assistants suggest the most adequate programs in line with our clients’ needs and price choice.

There are many small and effortless changes that can be made to bring out excellent results. Drawing users’ attention to the carwash machine from other areas in the facility by means of posters or screens, and offering attractive complementary services can make the difference.

It is worth taking a minute to think about this and other ideas that can improve our profitability. Next time you hear the phrase about small details or when you read this article, think about the small details that you can make to improve your business.

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