Car washes have changed over time!

By 28 juni, 20174CARLOVERS
automatic car wash evolution

This week we would like to show you a very interesting collection of pictures that illustrate the evolution of automatic car wash for you to be shown -by an expert in the sector- how the car wash world has changed over the past 50 years.

From the first high-pressure car wash in 1963 -already running on rails to facilitate the washing process (though moved by human power) to our latest breakthrough in 2017: ISTOBAL’s M’NEX32, referred to in previous posts. Developments included real revolutions such as drying fans fitted on rollovers in the 1970s or the introduction of programmable control panels in the 1980s to control the movements of the rollover, the brushes or the drying process in each individual program. Let’s turn the time machine on. Back to 1963!


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