Car wash tips for your professional customers

By 21 juni, 2017ISTOBAL School
professional customers

You might have already identified all customer types at your car wash: professionals who come to wash their taxi, van, truck or motorcycle; weekenders making the most of the weekend to wash their car with their family; the environmentally-friendly, car lovers pampering their cars, younger users… We defined their profiles and behaviours in the feature User profiles and behaviours at the car wash. We definitely want you to provide a quality service, so we are going to give you some tips for each client type. This post is about the professional type. Pay attention!

As you know, professional customers use their car, motorcycle, truck or van to work. Bear in mind that these clients are very familiar with the car wash world, as they come to the wash station on a regular basis. Having a good image with their customers is basic to them, so they really want their working tool to be impeccable. What can you do to help them?

Please note that these customers will not only use the tunnel or the jet wash; they are likely to use accessories such as vacuum and mat cleaners or tyre pumps. We therefore recommend you to always have discounts and cross-promotions between different car care services.

Although it is considered a ‘car wash expert’ profile, this client likes being up to date as far as car wash machines and car cleaning products are concerned. Your role is key in this regard! As the manager of your facility, you are ultimately the best person to inform customers about the advantages of new products and to adapt them to their needs.

Of course, the quality of the service you provide is also essential. These clients need a perfect, quality finish. We recommend you to always pay attention to machine maintenance, to incorporate (where applicable) accessories for vehicle interior cleaning and for other vehicles such as motorbikes; and don’t forget to use environmentally friendly products but without jeopardising wash effectiveness.

Finally, professional customers tend to use the same facility if they are happy, so the quality of your service and the information you provide, together with loyalty programmes, will certainly make a difference with these clients and enhance your sales. What about you? how do you take care of your professional clients? Please share your comments with us!

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