A spring full of successful car wash shows

By 19 juli, 2013News
The company takes stock after a successful spring campaign full of national and international car wash exhibitions. After the summer break, the company’s next appointment will be Equip Auto in Paris, from 16 to 20 October. Right before spring, ISTOBAL started their exhibition campaign with the most important event in the national industry, Motortec Automechanika Ibérica 2013, held in Madrid from 13 to 16 March. TIRA MOTORTEC 1 The company’s stand was the largest in the wash section in the hall devoted to Service Stations and Car Wash Facilities. In a 300m2 exhibition area, the company displayed for the first time in the Spanish market two rollovers, the M’START and the M’NEX25H, a hybrid system for either high-pressure washing only or just a brush wash and for a simultaneous combination of both options. Two different models from the n’joywash jet wash series and the new physical recycling equipment Zeolis were also on display. As for commercial vehicles, the firm showed their rollover HEAVYWASH Kube, and in the exhibition area dedicated to Accessories, a totally new range with attractive vinyl stickers was displayed. The green corner featured the company’s most environmentally friendly accessory lines: the new esens wash concentrates and the link-it brush system, the winner of the 2011 Innovation Gallery of the fair. Istobal also presented, for the first time at an ISTOSERVICE exhibition, their Maintenance and Technical Service in Spain, now under a new name. Visitors had the opportunity to see a fully equipped technical service van as well as the operation, live, of the IW-Manager software for remote management of car wash facilities. Also in this edition of the Innovation Gallery, Laser Control, a laser-measuring system for M’NEX series rollovers, earned the company the prize in its category. The Iberia Division Director declared: ”To ISTOBAL, Motortec Automechanika Ibérica 2013 has been a really pleasant surprise: we have received more visits than expected and the results have been most positive. Our main goal, that is, to show who is who in the Spanish wash market, has been fulfilled, there’s no doubt about that”. Overall, records point to considerable growth in relation to the 2011 edition, with 3% more visitors, 10% more exhibitors and 5% more exhibition footage, which consolidates the trade fair as the great Spanish after-market show. The video includes a summary of the trade fair with comments: The company’s next appointment was The Forecourt Show, held in Birmingham (United Kingdom) from 14 to 16 April. On this occasion, our colleagues from ISTOBAL UK Ltd. reported on the great interest raised in English visitors by the M’START and M’NEX22 rollovers and by the 1-bay high pressure wash cabinet n’joywash Pack, a flagship product in the English market. British customers also appreciated the new wash accessories with attractive vinyl designs as the perfect complement to a car wash facility. tira FFE SHOW The 2013 Car Wash Show, Las Vegas (USA), was also held in April, just a week apart. The show is the yearly exhibition with the highest specialisation in the vehicle wash industry worldwide. The American subsidiary ISTOBAL USA Corp. made an impressive showing. They were the only company demonstrating a car wash system indoors. Specific products for the American market were displayed, such as the high-pressure washing equipment TRACER OH1, with a built-in dryer, or the high-pressure jet wash Plug N Play self-serve, demonstrated on the same wash bay. This wash area featured a new enclosure with an American design. A static M’NEX22 rollover with an attractive Stars & Stripes vinyl stickers was also on show, along with an American M’NEX24 Contour Max rollover. TIRA LAS VEGAS The coming edition of this event organized by the International Car wash Association will take place in Chicago from March 31 to April 2, 2014. It will not be held in Las Vegas until 2015. The second largest sector show in Europe, AUTOPROMOTEC -the international biannual show- took place in Bologna (Italy) from 22 to 26 May. It was ISTOBAL’s first time to take a stand full of innovations in all product ranges. tira motortec ISTOBAL hired a 300m 2 outdoor stand that featured a world première: the new dryer for SmartFlow rollovers, installed as an option on rollovers from the M’NEX range. The new dryer was activated from a ‘command post’ and remained operational throughout the show, for customers to see its two great advantages: 70% saving in consumption and a noise reduction over 10 dB. The stand also included an M’START rollover (in Italy for the first time), an M’NEX22, anM’NEX25 rollover and a demonstration container with an open side fully equipped with 4 high pressure wash bays, a hot water generator, a demineraliser unit, and a 5m3/h recycler. The complete wash accessory range was shown in a display area in the stand, as well as the commercial vehicle Progress HEAVYWASH rollover, and a green area with the esens Wash Concentrates and the link-it brush system. Watch the video for a short summary of the show: Following the 2013 edition, Bologna’s show has consolidated as the second most important exhibition in Europe after Frankfurt’s Automechanika, with 1,512 exhibitors from 51 countries and 102,536 professional visitors in a total exhibition area of ​​156,000 square meters, 20,000 of them outdoors. In June the company attended the yearly edition of Automechanika Middle East, held in Dubai (UAE) from 11 to 13 June. A small corporate stand in the Spanish pavilion -headed by Sernauto- showed our UAE customers the full range of company products by means of videos and digital presentations. TIRA AMME