10 Christmas presents for your car

By 21 december, 20164CARLOVERS

It’s almost Christmas. Have you ever wondered what your car would want for Christmas? Well, we browsed a few websites to find all sorts of accessories for our cars, for example Ebay o Amazon. Here are some ideas.

Plan B for your battery. The cold and sharp temperature fluctuations are not particularly good for batteries. Avoid problems in the festive season with a portable battery that fits in the glove compartment! They are available in different sizes and types, and prices range from 30 to 90 euros. Another great present is a phone charger for your car, in case you get stuck in the snow…

Good music is a must! If you have an old car, buy an interface with USB, SD and AUX to play your favourite songs whatever their format. And you can also get some dashboard pads to put your phone, the interface, your wallet or your sunglasses.

Divide your ride. If you have children, or you use your car for work, you can use car dividers to divide the back seat from the boot, for example. Car dividers will help you keep your car tidy and find things easily. If you have young children, we recommend you to use seat protectors on the front seats so that they don’t make them dirty with their feet.

Forewarned is forearmed. This Christmas keep safety in mind when you buy your car a present. Auto-dimming rear-view mirrors are very useful, as they protect you from strong sunlight and the lights of cars behind you at night. Another element we talked about on our blog is rain-repellent waxes. Get your car windscreen and windows ready to improve your safety when driving in the rain.

Easy fix for car scratches. Did you scratch your car when parking this year? To avoid damages, cover garage posts or walls with protectors to minimise contact. They are padded and work like a cushion. But you can also fix scratches and marks with a scratch repair pen. You will ‘erase’ those little marks caused by contact with other vehicles or urban elements.

And you? What are you getting your car for Christmas?