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Ако имате било каквих питања или желите да нам поставите питање, ми ћемо вам помоћи у било чему што вам је потребно.

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Ако имате било каквих питања или желите да нам поставите питање, ми ћемо вам помоћи у било чему што вам је потребно.

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Softer, longer-lasting brushes that adapt better to the contours of the vehicle.

By 18 July, 2019ISTOBAL SCHOOL
wash brushes

A good brush should deliver effective cleaning results, guaranteeing a high-quality wash while also protecting the chassis. Recently, we have made various improvements in order to make our brushes more durable, quieter, and more adaptable to the contours of any vehicle. If the brushes in your rollover or tunnel need renewing soon, keep an eye out for these new developments.

First of all, we want to remind you that ISTOBAL’s brushes have been developed with various important aspects in mind, such as the brush material and the brush fitting system. Three types of material are available: polyethylene, which is normally used in wash installations for larger vehicles such as vans, trucks, buses and trains, modified EVA foam, and washing or drying textile material with a special treatment for outdoor use.

Second, our brush fitting system features a mechanism that allows different wash materials to be attached and combined on one single detachable support made up of two parts which clip together to form a complete brush section. This system makes it easy to change the brush material.

Our latest innovations concern these two elements of the car wash brush. We have developed an innovative foam material which is lighter and quieter than before, plus we are introducing new brush configurations so that different diameters of brush sections in foam and in textile can be used together, making the brush more adaptable to the contours of the vehicle.

For example, we now offer a new configuration for the dual diameter foam horizontal brush. The brush section with a larger diameter is mounted on the ends, and the new section with a smaller diameter is fitted towards the centre. In this arrangement, the horizontal brush is more effective at adapting to the contours of vehicles with a rounded design.

As for textile brushes, we now supply new sewn brush sections to offer softer, better-quality brushes for new machines. This new design extends the product’s lifespan, as the brush comes into contact with the vehicle at an angle, reducing wear and tear while also delivering a smoother performance.

Finally, while we’re on the subject of brushes, we mustn’t forget the importance of correct maintenance. Brushes collect dirt during the scrubbing phase, which can make them less effective and compromise the standard of the wash if they are not cleaned regularly. A preventative brush cleaning product like the shampoo in our ISTOBAL esens® range prevents brushes from breaking, which in turn makes them more effective and longer lasting. It is also important to check between the brushes to make sure they are free from dirt or foreign objects that could cause damage to vehicles.

Based on our experience, we recommend that you replace the brushes after between 25,000 and 60,000 wash cycles depending on the material (polyethylene, foam or textile). So there you have it: look after your brushes, renew them, and improve the standard of wash services you offer to your customers.