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Ако имате било каквих питања или желите да нам поставите питање, ми ћемо вам помоћи у било чему што вам је потребно.

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Ако имате било каквих питања или желите да нам поставите питање, ми ћемо вам помоћи у било чему што вам је потребно.

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10 accessories to update your car wash facility

car wash update

As the saying goes: you’ve got to move with the times. If your car wash installation is in need of a change, there are lots of accessories and features you can incorporate to update your system – whether you have an automatic rollover or a manual jet wash. In recent years, we have developed various optional features that will transform your car wash installation and help you stand out from the competition. Here are just a few examples:

Accessories for rollovers

Infinite Mousse Arch

Our cascading high-density infinite foam will turn the car wash experience into a real show in your rollover. With its waterfall effect, the product covers the whole chassis and combines exceptional shine with a pleasant spa aroma for an extraordinary car wash experience.

New brushes

Brushes are a key element of your car wash installation. We have already talked about how to keep them clean, as well as the importance of maintenance when it comes to achieving impeccable wash results. But if your brushes need changing, you can replace them with an innovative foam material that is lighter, quieter and better at adapting to the contours of the vehicle.

Rear waxing system

If you want to offer your customers fast, single-pass wash and dry programs, you can incorporate an additional wax cycle into your machine. In this way, the rollover will wash and wax in a single pass, and then dry the vehicle on the return pass.

Foamy chemical rim pre-wash

The combination of this new foaming chemical spray and our wheel-wash systems will make those wheel rims really shine, delighting even your most demanding customers. The special design of the nozzles and high foam-producing capacity allows the product to penetrate the rim effectively, plus it covers the whole surface and actively works for longer.

Stainless-steel LED centring guides

Another way to improve and update your installation is with the new stainless-steel centring guides. They light up the bay, last longer and enhance the visual impact of the facilities.

Accessories for jet wash systems

Children’s gun

The children’s gun is smaller and lighter, so now your customers can wash their vehicles with the whole family in complete safety. The gun can be activated via the payment terminal as long as the wash bay is in credit. It uses mains water and does not use high-pressure or chemicals.

Gun with pressure regulator on the handle

Another improvement for users. This gun allows customers to adjust the water to their preferred pressure using the pressure-control dial on the handle.

On-bay air freshener

The difference is in the details. This air freshener system is activated by a proximity sensor when the vehicle approaches the wash bay, spraying a pleasant fragrance to start the wash in clean, fresh environment.

Bike rack and motorcycle stand

Motorcyclists and push bike users can also be good customers in your car wash installation. With the bike rack and the special motorbike plate, which is slotted into the rack to hold the kickstand, you can offer added convenience to those who prefer to travel on two wheels.

Helmet and jacket rack

To complete this service for motorbikes and bicycles, other accessories that are definitely worth considering include the helmet and jacket racks.

Play of light

Finally, light is also key when it comes to attracting customers. Now your customers can also enjoy washing their cars on those warm summer evenings.

A whole array of options that will help you update your car wash facility.