ISTOBAL n'joypack

Shining functionality

Jet washes

When space is at a premium, we offers you the ISTOBAL n’joypack series, developed for single bay jet washes, the n’joywash pack has all the necessary features to ensure a top quality wash and is designed to completely satisfy your customers and maximise your profits.

The ISTOBAL n’joypack combines the advantage of a compact unit size for all those smaller spaces, with outstanding performance, ensuring that you receive maximum returns for the minimum of investment. In addition, the n’joywash pack is available with either Buy-Time or Multi Programme configurations as standard.

jet car wash


  • Comes with 3 standard programs
  • This can be expanded to include a 4th and 5th program: active foam with brush and super rinse with demineralised water
  • A choice of water pumps with different power ratings
  • More payment system options
  • AISI-304 stainless steel cabinet, also optionally available
    in galvanised steel and painted
  • Optional 5.000L/day osmosis unit


  • Comes with 5 standard programs
  • A combination of high and medium pressure programs
  • Can be upgraded to include a 6th program: rim spray
  • Triple foam brush available
  • Single or three phase
  • Backlit LCD screen showing information
  • Optional water softener
jet car wash