ISTOBAL n'joyaccess

Efficiency and simplicity for an easy wash

Jet washes

jet car wash

The new ISTOBAL n’joyaccess range of multi-bay jet washes is designed to offer a quick, agile and effective clean, giving the best quality wash with basic programs to keep your customers satisfied.

A sturdy and completely reliable unit ensuring top quality washes, equipped with all the essentials to keep the wash simple and enjoyable.

  • From 2 to 4 Bays
  • Up to 4 programs per bay
  • Can be fitted inside the Modulbox cabinet
  • Standard programs: SHAMPOO WASH RINSE
  • Optional programs: WAX SUPER RINSE
  • Electronic or mechanical payment system
  • Simplified electronics


jet car wash

New vertical modular frame

jet car wash

Seven models of water pumps available

jet car wash

Display screen to monitor the unit easily

jet car wash

Access payment terminal



jet car wash

New powder shampoo

The powder shampoo is a chemical concentrate with an anti-congealing property, and is adequate for use at jet washes.


Sustainable jet washes

Progress also requires us to be environmentally aware. Based on this premise, ISTOBAL has developed a sustainable system for jet washes.

Our aerothermal heating boiler captures the energy present in the surrounding air and transfers it to the water. It heats the water efficiently, saving on production costs and achieving a very low energy consumption compared to traditional systems.


jet car wash

Just the right amount of space

MODULBOX is a new concept in modular cabinets designed to solve all the space and organisation problems on a wash facility.MODULBOX has been conceived to adapt to the space available making access to the units and maintenance easy.

  • Basic MODULBOX cabinet 1×1 m, expandable with modules to up to 4×1 m
  • Installation of units to service up to 4 bays, including all water pre-treatments, in a single cabinet
  • Stainless or galvanised steel finish, painted to your specifications