Responsible water use on car washing equipment

By 17 mars, 2017ÉCOLE ISTOBAL
responsible water use

World Water Day will be held next week. With the slogan ‘Wastewater, Why waste water?’, the campaign raises awareness about the importance of protecting this scarce but essential resource for economic, social and environmental development. For ISTOBAL, water is one of the basic elements of our work. Therefore, responsible use on our car washing equipment and developing water treatment systems are factors that are always present in our car wash and car care solutions.

Water consumption on our rollovers has been reduced by 40%, in all machine ranges. As for our high-pressure jet washes, the AVANT range has managed to reduce water use by 33% using a medium manual program thanks to new frequency-converter technology and the Smartpulse device. This device -which starts and stops water pumps automatically- manages the operation of both the high-pressure pumps and the chemical dosing pumps with a simple system consisting of pressure switches that prevent the pump from running while the client is not washing the vehicle.

Sustainability measures are also in place for commercial vehicles. On our most versatile model, HeavyWash Progress, water pressure has been increased by 75% during the most critical wash phase, consumption-wise: the pressure wash. In addition to having better results in the final quality, with this measure water consumption is reduced by 45%.

But having the possibility of reusing water is just as important as relying on water-saving car washing equipment. We already talked about this subject: Water treatment and recycling at your car wash station. Let us remind you that we recycle up to 85% of the water used in each service.

What can we tell you about wastewater on the occasion of World Water Day? We also have water treatment systems to avoid disposal of contaminated water. You can read about them on the same post, but let me stress something: one litre of hydrocarbons pollutes 1,000 m3 of water, which is equivalent to an Olympic pool.

To us, water is a working tool, and as such it should be considered critical to the future of our business. We hope this piece about water will encourage you to use this precious resource adequately at your car wash facility.

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