Commercial vehicles, welcome to our car wash machines

By 23 février, 20174CARLOVERS

A fortnight ago, we told you how trains are washed. We are all a little curious and we enjoy learning new things so, here you are, transport lovers, some pictures of the most amazing vehicles that have come to our car wash machines.  Had you ever seen an army vehicle being washed on a rollover? Or a rubbish lorry? Or a fire engine?

Here are three examples of how rubbish trucks are washed in Norway and the United States. Judging by their purpose, we can easily imagine the amount of dirt that builds up on them. A good piece of equipment, like our HeavyWash Progress -with the latest programming and technology- ensures that all the different profiles of these vehicles are followed up. Besides having the right equipment, these types of vehicles require specifically formulated products, as they work under really adverse conditions.

rubbish truck

Vehicles from a military base near our facilities have also gone through one of our Progress car wash machines… They now look perfect for their next mission. Optional extras like the foamy chemical spray allow these vehicles to be free of fatty residues and stubborn dirt.

army vehicle

Vehicles used in construction, such as tipper trucks, excavators and loaders, also end up all loaded with dirt. In these cases, strong brushes or high pressure, in combination with pre-wash shampoos with high descaling power help remove inorganic dirt like cement or concrete, ensuring a superb cleaning.


A machine like the HeavyWash Progress together with esens® chemicals by ISTOBAL can clean anything. Even a crane truck like the one below at a facility in Russia.


Definitely an awkward vehicle shape, but the same goes for some trucks in the US, or pick-up vans, station wagons, SUVs, etc. Here go two more examples: a Walmart truck being washed by a Progress machine at the company’s distribution centre in Virginia, and a pick-up vehicle with a trailer.


And what about the vehicles we use every day? These American school buses are another example of how we take care of all transport means.

school bus

We now close our image gallery with this life-saving fire truck being washed at a facility in Russia. Water and the HeavyWash Progress leave the vehicle spotless.


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