A great-looking company vehicle is your best business card

By 26 janvier, 20174CARLOVERS

If you use your car for work, you want to read this. Some time ago, we gave you some basic tips about safety, maintenance and ergonomics. Today, we want to help you make the most of your car’s image. A company vehicle is like a business card or like a cover letter. Whether you use it to transport goods or passengers, or to visit your clients, your vehicle speaks for yourself. Here are some ideas to take care of your car’s image and use it to be connected with your customers.

Customising the vehicle with your logo is an opportunity to promote your brand wherever you go. Custom vehicle decals provide continuous advertising. Your company will be more visible and your brand will be recognised, with a low-cost signage solution. In addition to the logo and company name, you can include your address and telephone to help your clients access your services.

The most common way of customising your company car is to use vinyl stickers. They are cheaper than painting and easier to apply and remove, if necessary. The car should be clean before sticking them, with no water or dirt on the surface, so it is important to give it a good wash and dry at your usual car wash station. You can apply the vinyls yourself, although we would advise you to use a car graphics professional service. They will recommend you the most suitable stickers to match the shape of your vehicle, and they will inform you about resistance and durability.

This signage solution will give your car a more professional look and a personality, and if you use matching business cards with the same image, your corporate identity will be distinctive and more consistent, which will improve your customers’ perception as a trustworthy company.

Here is an example of how we do it at ISTOBAL:








Another way of advertising your brand on your car is to put the logo on the sunscreens, so common in summer.  And to make your company car different, you can also have tinted windows installed, which will add a classy touch and some privacy.

What about custom number plates? It is a common practice in many countries, although the level of customisation may vary depending on the country. In Spain, only approved number plates with small drawings in the background and a light colour are allowed. Both numbers and letters must be totally readable. In fact, if you drive a vehicle with an illegible number plate you can get a 200 Euro fine. But in countries like the UK, Germany or Belgium, you can combine letters, numbers and spaces, but the structure or appearance of the plate cannot be altered. In the US, number plates can be tailored almost completely in some states, including letters, numbers, symbols and coloured backgrounds.

In any case, if you use your car a lot, remember to always keep it impeccable. Your vehicle is your business card. A good idea is to use car wash facilities with loyalty programmes where your regularity at the car wash will be rewarded. Your vehicle will always look great and you will benefit from many advantages. Take good care of your car. It pays off.

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