Give your vehicle a relaxing foam bath

By 11 janvier, 20174CARLOVERS
Foam bath

A few weeks ago, we told you all about the secrets of waxes, which enhance your vehicle’s gloss and provide protection while they make the drying process easier. We will now focus on the foams used in self-service car washes. If you are a car lover, you surely enjoy washing and pampering your vehicle at the jet-wash facility. Foams ensure outstanding performance and a rewarding car-wash experience for both you and your car.

High density and wetting power are the main features of active foams. The high consistency of the foam allows it to cover all vehicle areas so that the product can work on the bodywork longer. The foam itself has self-cleaning properties, which makes it more efficient against insect remains or stubborn dirt. When using the jet wash, a large amount of foam is generated, seeping into the dirt, and protecting and enhancing the bodywork at the same time.

We all want the washing process to be as effective as possible, but why not transform it into a sensory experience too? Esens® foams for jet washes come with several fragrances: peach, cherry or spa, and in different colours: red, blue, yellow, green, or the traditional white foam. Which one do you like best? They definitely contribute to a more pleasant sensory experience when you wash your vehicle.

Would you prefer to give your car a ‘colour bath’? If that is the case, Colorfusion is your foam. This special active foam is made up of three basic colours. When applied, an attractive palette of different colour shades is created, with a pleasant cherry scent and a spectacular visual effect. And it is also very efficient thanks to its special composition, which makes the foam stay longer over the surface, softening even the most embedded dirt and significantly improving the finish.

With any of these foams, you will cover your vehicle with a thick layer of concentrated and soapy shampoo that will make your car look like a cotton ball. And how long will it take you to remove it? Don’t worry. The secret to a good foam is the right balance between density and adherence so that it is easy to rinse off. Besides being biodegradable -even pigmented ones- esens® foams vanish in contact with water, so both consumption and environmental impact are reduced.

Now you know a bit more about this effective, sustainable and fun product. Next time you go to the car wash, try a foam, enjoy the experience, and tell us about it.

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